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1985 Kurbanov, Kh.M.; Butikova, I.K.; Gukalova, A.G.; Gljakin, V.P.; The crystal structure of praseodymium antimonate Pr3 (Sb5 O12) I4-3M
1985 Averbuch-Pouchot, M.T.; Crystal data on Zn3 Rb2 (P2 O7)2 and Co3 Rb2 (P2 O7)2 Zn3 Rb2 (P2 O7)2 P1211
1985 Murakami, T.; Takeuchi, Y.; Yamanaka, T.; High-temperature crystallography of a protopyroxene (Mg.36 Co0.04 Sc0.1) (Mg0.34 Co0.06 Li0.1) (Si O3) PBCN Protopyroxene
1985 Cotton, F.A.; Falvello, L.R.; Meadows, J.H.; Structural Characterization and Infrared Studies of Tungsten Bromo Carbonyl Compounds W2 Br4 (C O)7 PNMA
1985 Belin, C.; Makani, T.; Roziere, J.; Synthesis and X-Ray Crystal Structure of the Hexafluoroantimonate Salt of the Dimeric Tungsten Pentacarbonyl Diselenyl Cation W2 (C O)10 Se4(2+). W2 (C O)10 Se4 (Sb F6)2 P121/C1
1985 Brencic, J.V.; Leban, I.; Zule, J.; Structural Characterisation of trans-(Cr (N H3)4 (H2 O) Cl) Cl2 and trans-(Cr (N H3)4 Cl2) I (Cr (N H3)4 (H2 O) Cl) Cl2 P121/M1
1985 Eisenmann, B.; Hansa, J.; Schaefer, H.; Zur Kenntnis der Selenidosilikate und -germanate Na4 Si4 Se10, Na2 Ge Se3 und Na8 Ge4 Se10 Na4 Si4 Se10 CMCM
1985 Sheldrick, W.S.; Kaub, J.; Darstellung und Struktur von Cs2 As8 S13 Cs2 As8 S13 PBCN
1985 Ozima, M.; Structure of high-pressure phases of barium germanium oxide, Ba Ge2 O5 Ba Ge2 O5 P121/A1
1985 Jewiss, H.C.; Leavason, W.; Tajik, M.; Webster, M.; Walker, N.P.C.; Co-ordination chemistry of higher oxidation states. Part 13. Synthesis and properties of alkali-metal hydroxo-oxo-osmate(VIII) compounds and the molecular structure of Cs (O4 Os (mue-O H) Os O4). Cs Os2 O8 O H C1C1
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