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1986 Norby, P.; Christensen, A.N.; Preparation and structure of Al3 Ti Al3 Ti I4/MMM
1986 Kanematsu, K.; Stability of crystal structure of (Fe, V)3 M and (Fe, Ni)3 M (M= Si, Ge, Sn) and its analysis based on rigid band model Fe V2 Ge PM3-N
1986 Schweitzer, K.; Jung, W.; Darstellung und Kristallstruktur der isotypen Verbindungen Ca2 Os3 B5 und Eu2 Os3 B5 Ca2 Os3 B5 C121
1986 Markiv, V.Ya.; Belyavina, N.N.; The crystal structure of Hf Ga and of Hf3 Cr2 Si4 Ga Hf PBCM
1986 Webster, P.J.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.; Mankikar, R.M.; Magnetic order in new silver-based Heusler alloys Cu2 In Mn FM3-M
1986 Fjellvag, H.; Kjekshus, A.; Structural properties Co3 Sn2, Ni3 Sn2 and some ternary derivatives Co2.85 Sn2 PNMA
1986 Kajitani, T.; Kawase, T.; Yamada, K.; Hirabayashi, M.; Site occupation and local vibration of hydrogen isotopes in hexagonal Ti5 Si3 H (D)1-X Ti5 Si3 P63/MCM
1986 Yu Wan-Lun; Zhao Min-Guang; Determination of the temperature variation of the crystal structure of Cd Cl2 from the EPR data for Mn2+ Cd Cl2 R3-MR
1986 Bronger, W.; Mueller, P.; Hoeppner, R.; Schuster, H.U.; Zur Charakterisierung der magnetischen Eigenschaften von Na Mn P, Na Mn As, Na Mn Sb, Na Mn Bi, Li Mn As und K Mn As ueber Neutronenbeugungsexperimente Li Mn As P4/NMMS
1986 Schuster, H.U.; Hoeppner, R.; Bronger, W.; Mueller, P.; Neutronenbeugungsexperimente an Na Mn P, Na Mn As, Na Mn Sb, Na Mn Bi, Li Mn As und K Mn As Bi Mn Na P4/NMMS
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