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2004 Kuratieva, N.V.; Naumova, M.I.; Naumov, D.Yu.; Podberezskaya, N.V.; The synthesis and crystal structure of two polymorphs of hexaaquamagnesium(II) hypophosphite (Mg (H2 O)6) (H2 P O2)2 I41/ACDZ
2003 Cornelius, J.B.; Trapp, R.M.; Delord, T.J.; Fronczek, F.R.; Watkins, S.F.; Orosz, J.J.; Musselman, R.L.; One-dimensional collective electronic effects in the helically stacked Cs2 (Ni (C N)4) * (H2 O) and Cs2 (Pt (C N)4) * (H2 O) : X-ray structure, polarized specular reflectance and ZINDO calculations Cs2 (Ni (C N)4) (H2 O) P61
2003 Simon, L.; Francois, M.; Refait, P.; Renaudin, G.; Lelaurain, M.; Genin, J.-M.R.; Structure of the Fe(II-III) layered double hydroxysulphate green rust two from Rietveld analysis (Fe3 (O H)6) ((S O4)0.5 (H2 O)4.2) P3-1M No mineral
2000 Yoshii, K.; Structural and magnetic studies of the lanthanide deficient perovskite Ce2/3 Ti O3 Ce0.667 Ti O3 PMMM
1999 Camblor, M.A.; Villaescusa, L.A.; Barrett, P.A.; ITQ-7: A New pure silica polymorph with a threedimensional system of large pore channels (Si O2)64 P42/MMC
1999 Farrugia, L.J.; Gillon, A.L.; Braga, D.; Grepioni, F.; Dynamic disorder and fluxionality in M3 (C O)12 clusters: variable-temperature X-ray diffraction studies on Fen Ru3-n (C O)12(n = 1,2) and the low-temperature phase of Fe3 (C O)12 Fe Ru2 (C O)12 C2CB
1998 Kabalov, Yu.K.; Evstigneeva, T.; Spiridonov, E.M.; Crystal structure of Cu2 Hg Sn S4 - synthetic analog of the mineral velikite Cu1.924 Hg0.976 Sn S4 I4-
1996 Gelabert, M.C.; Brese, N.E.; DiSalvo, F.J.; Jobic, S.; Deniard, P.; Brec, R.; Polymorphism and superstructure in Ba Co S2-d Ba Co S2 P4/NMMZ
1996 Giester, G.; Crystal structure of Fe2 O (Se O3)2, a new oxoselenite compound with ferric iron in distorted tetrahedral coordination Fe2 O (Se O3)2 PCCN
1996 Kamenar, B.; Cindric, M.; Strukan, N.; Ba3 (V10 O28) . 19(H2 O) Ba3 (V10 O28) (H2 O)19 P1-
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