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2003 Delattre, J.L.; Stacy, A.M.; Synthesis and structure of Ba K Fe O3: a new quaternary oxide with 1-D ferrate chains Ba K (Fe O3) CMC
2002 McAllister, J.; Attfield, J.P.; Cation size control of structure, structural fluctuations and superconductivity in L1.85 M0.15 Cu O4 (La0.925 Sr0.045 Ca0.017 Ba0.013)2 Cu O4 ABM
2000 Wilhelm, H.; Cros, C.; Reny, E.; Demazeau, G.; Hanfland, M.; Pressure-induced structural phase transitions in Ln2-x Ndx Cu O4 for Ln = La (0.6 < x <2) and Ln = Pr (x=0) La Nd Cu O4 CMC
1999 Romero de Paz, J.; Fernandez-Diaz, M.T.; Hernandez-Velasco, J.; Saez-Puche, R.; Martinez, J.L.; Crystal and magnetic structure of Pr Ca Cr O4 Pr Ca (Cr O4) BMA
1999 de Nadai, C.; Demourgues, A.; Gravereau, P.; Grannec, J.; Crystal structure of new palladium fluorides A2 Pd F6 and A A' Pd F6 (A(2+) = Ba(2+), Sr(2+), Pb(2+)) Ba2 Pd F6 CMC
1998 Rial, C.; Moran, E.; Alario-Franco, M.A.; Amador, U.; Martinez, J.L.; Rodriguez-Carvajal, J.; Andersen, N.H.; Effects of extra oxygen on the structure and superconductivity of La2-x Cax Cu O4+y prepared by chemical oxidation (La1.88 Ca0.12) Cu O4 BMA
1998 Flandorfer, H.; Kaczorowski, D.; Groebner, J.; Rogl, P.; Wouters, R.; Godart, C.; Kostikas, A.; The systems Ce-Al-(Si,Ge): Phase equilibria and physical properties Ce2 Al3 Ge4 CMC
1998 Mombru, A.W.; Lappas, A.; Prassides, K.; Structural transition in the La(2-x) Nd(x) Cu O4 system (La1.55 Nd0.45) Cu O4 ABM
1997 Bajan, B.; Meyer, H.-J.; Two-dimensional networks in the structure of Li2 (Nb6 Cl16) Li2 (Nb6 Cl16) CMC
1997 Rial, C.; Moran, E.; Alario-Franco, M.A.; Amador, U.; Andersen, N.H.; Room temperature chemically oxidized La2 Cu O(4+y): phase separation induced by thermal treatment La2 Cu O4 BMA
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