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1999 Yartys', V.A.; Fjellvag, H.; Hauback, B.C.; Riabov, A.B.; Sorby, M.H.; Neutron diffraction studies of Zr-containing intermetallic hydrides with ordered hydrogen sublattice. III.Orthorhombic Zr3 Fe Dx (x=1.3, 2.5 and 5.0) with partially filled (Re3 B)-type structure Zr3 Fe D2 CMC
1999 Guo, W.Q.; Malus, S.; Ryan, D.H.; Altounian, Z.; Crystal structure and cation distributions in the Fe Ti2 O5 Fe2 Ti O5 solid solution series Fe2 Ti O5 BBM Pseudobrookite, ferr
1998 Grey, I.E.; Li, C.; Ness, T.; Nonstoichiometric Li-pseudobrookite(ss) in the Li2 O-Fe2 O3-Ti O2 system Li0.375 Fe1.23 Ti1.4 O5 CCM Pseudobrookite
1998 Onoda, M.; Phase transitions of Ti3 O5 Ti3 O5 CMC
1997 Mullica, D.F.; Sappenfield, E.L.; Structural determination of hexagonal and orthorhombic Eu K Ru (C N)6 . 4(H2 O) Eu K (Ru (C N)6) (H2 O)4 CMC
1991 Probst, H.; Mewis, A.; Ternaere Nickelphosphide und -arsenide mit einem Metall:Nichtmetall-Verhaeltnis von 2:1 Sr Ni5 As3 CMC
1984 Hofmann, W.K.; Jeitschko, W.; Structural investigations of ternary lanthanoid and uranium nickel phosphides La Ni5 P3 CMC
1984 Chabot, B.; Engel, N.; Parthe, E.; Scandium iron silicides with Ti Ni Si - , Hf3 Ni2 Si3 - and Sc2 Co Si2 - type structures Sc3 Fe2 Si3 CMC
1983 Mueller-Buschbaum, H.; Waburg, M.; Pseudobrookite mit weitgehend geordneter Metallverteilung Co Ti2 O5, Mg Ti2 O5 und Fe Ti2 O5 Co (Ti2 O5) CMC
1982 Paccard, D.; le Roy, J.; Moreau, J.M.; Orthorhombic palladium yttrium silicide Y3 Pd2 Si3 and rhodium yttrium silicide Y3 Rh2 Si3 with Hf3 Ni2 Si3 structure type Y3 Pd2 Si3 CMC
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