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2003 Mueller-Bunz, H.; Nikelski, T.; Schleid, T.; Einkristalle des Neodym(III)-meta-Borats Nd (B O2)3 und -ortho-Borats Nd (B O3) Nd (B O3) PNM
2003 Klosek, V.; Verniere, A.; Ouladdiaf, B.; Malaman, B.; Crystal and magnetic structures of the R(=Y, Dy-Tm) Mn Ge compounds Ho Mn Ge PNM
2003 Klosek, V.; Verniere, A.; Ouladdiaf, B.; Malaman, B.; Crystal and magnetic structures of the R(=Y, Dy-Tm) Mn Ge compounds Tm Mn Ge PNM
2003 Huynh, T.; Tong, A.R.; Singh, B.; Kennedy, B.J.; Cd-substituted goethites - a structural investigation by synchrotron X-ray diffraction (Fe0.9 Cd0.1) O (O H) PBN Goethite
2002 Britvin, S.N.; Rudashevsky, N.S.; Krivovichev, S.V.; Burns, P.C.; Polekhovsky, Y.S.; Allabogdanite, (Fe, Ni)2 P, a new mineral from the Onello meteorite: the occurrence and crystal structure (Fe1.5 Ni0.5) P PNM Allabogdanite
2002 Bonazzi, P.; Zoppi, M.; Dei, L.; Metamict aeschynite-(Y) from the Evje-Iveland district (Norway): heat-induced recrystallization and dehydrogenation (Y0.50 Dy0.25 Th0.157 U0.056 Ca0.012) (Ti1.605 Nb0.335 Ta0.05 W PNM Aeschynite (Y)
2002 Yang, H.F.; Rao, G.-H.; Chu, W.G.; Liu, G.Y.; Ouyang, Z.W.; Liang, J.K.; Crystal structure and phase relationships in the pseudobinary system (Pr5 Si4) - (Pr5 Ge4) Pr5 Ge4 PNM
2001 Kessler, U.; van Wuellen, L.; Jansen, M.; Structure of the fluorosulfite anion: rotational disorder of (S O2 F)(-) in the alkali metal fluorosulfites and crystal structures of alpha- and beta-(Cs S O2 F) Cs (S O2 F) PNM
2001 Mishra, R.; Poettgen, R.; Hoffmann, R.-D.; Kaczorowski, D.; Piotrowski, H.; Mayer, P.; Rosenhahn, C.; Mosel, B.D.; Ternary Rare Earth (RE) Gold Compounds REAuCd and RE2Au2Cd Eu Au Cd PNM
2001 Bobev, S.; Sevov, S.C.; Five Ternary Zintl Phases in the Systems Alkali-Metal Indium Bismuth Bi In0.67 Na PNM
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