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1996 Casalta, H.; Schleger, P.; Harris, P.; Lebech, B.; Andersen, N.H.; Liang, R.-X.; Dosanjh, P.; Hardy, W.N.; Neutron-scattering determination of the structural parameters versus oxygen content of Y Ba2 Cu3 O6+x single crystals Y Ba2 Cu3 O6.78 PMM
1996 Takata, M.; Nishibori, E.; Takayama, T.; Sakata, M.; Kodama, K.; Sato, M.; Howard, C.J.; The nuclear density of YBCO by the maximum entropy method using neutron powder data Y Ba2 Cu3 O6.97 PMM
1994 Schweiss, P.; Reichardt, W.; Braden, M.; Collin, G.; Heger, A.; Claus, H.; Erb, A.; Static and dynamic displacements in R Ba2 Cu3 O7-delta (R=Y, Ho; delta=0.05, 0.5) Y Ba2 Cu3 O6.52 PMM
1992 Chaplot, S.L.; Reichardt, W.; Pintschovius, L.; Pyka, N.; Common interatomic potential model for the lattice dynamics of several cuprates Y Ba2 Cu3 O7 PMM
1992 Trunov, V.A.; Kaganovich, T.Yu.; Kurbakov, A.I.; Matveev, A.V.; Sovestnov, A.E.; Hewat, A.W.; Fischer, P.; Antson, O.; Maayouf, R.M.A.; Neutron diffraction study of 152Sm,154Sm and 63Cu isotope-substituted SmBa2Cu3O7 from 1.5K to 300K Sm Ba2 Cu3 O7 PMM
1991 Jaworska, T.; Szytula, A.; Tomkowicz, Z.; Leciejewicz, J.; Ptasiewicz-Bak, H.; Maletka, C.; Neutron crystallographic study of iron-substituted YBa2Cu3O7-d Y Ba2 Cu2 Cu O7 PMM
1988 Kinoshita, K.; Matsuda, A.; Shibata, H.; Ishii, T.; Watanabe, T.; Yamada, T.; Crystal structure and superconductivity in Ba2 Y1-x Prx Cu3 O7-y Ba2 Y Cu3 O7 PMM
1987 Antson, O.; Hiismaeki, P.E.; Poeyry, H.O.; Tiitta, A.; Ullakko, K.M.; Trunov, V.A.; Ul'yanov, V.A.; A high-resolution neutron powder diffraction study on high-Tc superconductor Y Ba2 Cu3 O7. Y Ba2 Cu3 O7 PMM
1987 Capponi, J.J.; Chaillout, C.; Hewat, A.W.; Lejay, P.; Marezio, M.; Nguyen, N.; Raveau, B.; Soubeyroux, J.L.; Tholence, J.L.; Tournier, R.; Structure of the 100 K Superconductor Ba2 Y Cu3 O7 between (5-300)K by Neutron Powder Diffraction Ba2 Y Cu3 O7 PMM
1987 Hewat, A.W.; Capponi, J.J.; Chaillout, C.; Marezio, M.; Hewat, E.A.jr.; Structures of superconducting Ba2 Y Cu3 O7-d and semiconducting Ba2 Y Cu3 O6 between 25 centigrade and 750 centigrade Ba2 Y Cu3 O6.71 PMM
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