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2004 Ehrenberg, H.; Hartmann, T.; Bramnik, K.G.; Miehe, G.; Fuess, H.; Yttrium rhenium oxide, Y7 Re O14-d: a cubic fluorite superstructure Y7 Re O14.16 FM3
2003 Schuette, M.; Wartchow, R.; Binnewies, M.; Shape controlling synthesis - formation of Fe3 Si by the reaction of iron with silicon tetrachloride and crystal structure refinement (Fe2.603 Si)1.11 FM3
2003 Bramnik, K.G.; Ehrenberg, H.; Dehn, J.K.; Fuess, H.; Preparation, crystal structure and magnetic properties of double perovskites M2 Mg Re O6 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba) Ba2 Mg Re O6 FM3
2002 Will, G.; Hinze, E.; Abdel, Rahman.A.M.; Crystal structure analysis and refinement of digenite, Cu1.8 S, in the temperature range 20 to 500 C under controlled sulfur partial pressure Cu1.8 S FM3 Digenite high
2002 Lyons, D.M.; Morris, M.A.; Synthesis and characterization of a novel perovskite-like phase of thallium oxide Tl2 O3 FM3
2001 Deniard, P.; Caldes, M.T.; Zou, X.-D.; Diot, N.; Marchand, R.; Brec, R.; Structural modulation in Sr1.4 Ta0.6 O2.9: non-harmonicity on ADPs during Rietveld refinement Sr1.407 Ta0.593 O2.73 FM3
2001 Grzechnik, A.; Ursaki, V.V.; Syassen, K.; Loa, I.; Tiginyanu, I.M.; Hanfland, M.; Pressure-induced phase transitions in cadmium thiogallate Cd Ga2 Se4 Cd Ga2 Se4 FM3
2001 Kazin, P.E.; Abakumov, A.M.; Zaytsev, D.D.; Tret'yakov, Yu.D.; Khasanova, N.R.; van Tendeloo, G.; Jansen, M.; Synthesis and crystal structure of Sr2 Sc Bi O6 Sr2 Sc Bi O6 FM3
2001 Azad, A.K.; Ivanov, S.A.; Eriksson, S.-G.; Eriksen, J.; Rundloef, H.; Mathieu, R.; Svedlindh, P.; Synthesis, crystal struicture, and magnetic characterization of the double perovskite Ba2 Mn W O6 Ba2 Mn W O6 FM3
2000 Ritter, C.; Ibarra, M.R.; Morellon, L.; Blasco, J.; Garcia, J.; de Teresa, J.M.; Structural and magnetic properties of double perovskites A A' Fe Mo O6 (AA' = Ba2, BaSr, Sr2, Ca) Ba Sr Fe0.95 Mo0.97 O5.84 FM3
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