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1996 Fjellvag, H.; Gronvold, F.; Stolen, S.; Hauback, B.C.; On the crystallographic and magnetic structures of nearly stoichiometric iron monoxide Fe O FM3
1995 El Fadli, Z.; Lemoine, P.; Tomas, A.; Bozon-Verduraz, F.; Guittard, M.; Study of the cross section Yb2 S3 - Ca S. Solid solutions and crystal structures of Ca3.86 Yb0.09 S4, Ca3.10 Yb0.60 S4 and Ca2.30Yb1.14 S4 Ca3.86 Yb0.09 S4 FM3
1993 Christensen, N.E.; Gorczyca, I.; Calculated phase transitions of aluminum nitride under pressure Al N FM3
1993 Greis, O.; Ziel, R.; Marx, V.; Petzel, T.; Crystal chemistry of the halite-related cation-deficient superstructure phase Yb7+dSe8 with d=0.24 and its relation to YbSe Yb Se FM3
1993 Koebler, U.; Apfelstedt, I.; Fischer, K.; Zinn, W.; Scheer, E.; Wasnitza, J.; Loehneysen, H.V.; Brueckel, D.; Biquadratic exchange and critical behaviour in the diluted anti-ferromagnet Eux Sr1-x Te (Eu0.5 Sr0.5) Te FM3
1992 Cortona, P.; Direct determination of self-consistent total energies and and charge densities of solids: a study of the cohesive properties of the alkali halides Li Cl FM3
1992 Abe, S.; Mochizuki, K.; Masumoto, K.; Solubility range and lattice constant of new quaternary solid solution semiconductor Pb1-x Cax S1-y Sey for mid-infrared lasers (Ca0.14 Pb0.86) (S0.5 Se0.5) FM3
1990 Christensen, A.N.; A neutron diffraction investigation on single crystals of titanium oxide, zirconium carbide and hafnium nitride Zr C0.9 FM3
1990 Ravot, D.; Synthesis and magnetic properties of the Pb1-x Eux Te solid solution Eu Pb Te2 FM3
1989 Dabos-Seignon, S.; Benedict, U.; Spirlet, J.C.; Pages, M.; Compression studies on Pu As up to 45 GPa Th As FM3
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