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1996 Cabeza, A.; Aranda, M.A.G.; Cantero, F.M.; Lozano, D.; Martinez-Lara, M.; Bruque, S.; Synthesis, structure, and characterization of uranium(IV) phenyl phosphonate, U (O3 P C6 H5)2 , and uranium(IV) pyrophosphate, U P2 O7 U (P2 O7) PA3
1992 Chattopadhyay, T.K.; von Schnering, H.G.; Stansfield, R.F.D.; McIntyre, G.J.; X-ray and neutron diffraction study of the crystal structure of Mn S2 Mn S2 PA3 Hauerite
1989 Nowack, E.; Schwarzenbach, D.; Gonschorek, W.; Hahn, T.; Deformationsdichten in Co S2 und Ni S2 mit Pyritstruktur Ni S1.97 PA3 Vaesite
1983 Nowotny, H.; Heger, G.; Structure refinement of strontium nitrate, Sr (N O3)2, and barium nitrate, Ba (N O3)2 Ba (N O3)2 PA3 Nitrobarite
1969 Yanagisawa, S.; Tashiro, M.; Anzai, S.; Crystal Structure of Magnesium Ditelluride Mg Te2 PA3
1967 Furuseth, S.; Selte, K.; Kjekshus, A.; On the solid solubility and structural properties of Pd As2-x Sbx, Pt P2-x Asx, Pt P2-x Sbx, Pt P2-x Bix, Pt As2-x Sbx, Pt As2-x Bix, Pt Sb2-x Bix, Pd1-m Ptm As2, Pd1-m Ptm Sb2, Pd1-m Aum Sb2, and Pt1-m Aum Sb2 Pt As2 PA3 Sperrylite
1965 Furuseth, S.; Selte, K.; Kjekshus, A.; Redetermined crystal structures of Pd As2, Pd Sb2, Pt P2, Pt Sb2, Pt As2, alpha-Pt Bi2, and Au Sb2 Pt P2 PA3
1948 Peacock, M.A.; Henry, W.G.; The crystal structure of Cobaltite Co As S, Gersdorffite Ni As S, and Ullmannite NiSb S Co As S PA3 Cobaltite
1943 Wallbaum, H.J.; Die Kristallstrukturen von Bi2 Pt und Sn2 Pt Pt Bi2 PA3 Insizwaite
1929 Thomassen, L.; Ueber Kristallstrukturen einiger binaerer Verbindungen der Platinmetalle Pt Sb2 PA3 Geversite
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