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2003 Speka, M.V.; Markiv, V.Ya.; Zakharenko, M.I.; Belyavina, N.M.; Isothermal section (400C) of the phase diagram of Y-Al-Ga ternary system in the region up to 33.3 at.% Y Y Al0.40 Ga2.60 P63
2002 Kandpal, H.C.; Seshadri, R.; First-principles electronic structure of the delafossites A B O2 (A= Cu, Ag, Au; B = Al, Ga, Sc, In, y): evolution of d(10)-d(10) interactions Au Al O2 P63
2001 Zhuravleva, M.A.; Rangan, K.K.; Lane, M.; Brazis, P.; Kannewurf, C.R.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Flux synthesis, structure and physical properties of new pseudo-binary RE Al3-x Gex compounds Gd Al2.817 Ge0.183 P63
1998 Antonov, V.E.; Cornell, K.; Fedotov, V.K.; Kolesnikov, A.I.; Ponyatovsky, E.G.; Shiryaev, V.I.; Wipf, H.; Neutron diffraction investigation of the dhcp and hcp iron hydrides and deuterides Fe H1.0 P63
1996 Bem, D.S.; Lampe-Oennerud, C.M.; Olsen, H.P.; zur Loye, H.-C.; Synthesis and structure of two new ternary nitrides: Fe W N2 and Mn Mo N2 Fe W N2 P63
1993 Boettcher, P.; Getzschmann, J.; Keller, R.; Zur Kenntnis der Dialkalimetalldichalkogenide beta-Na2 S2, K2 S2, alpha-Rb2 S2, beta-Rb2 S22, K2 Se2, Rb2 Se2, alpha-K2 Te2, beta-K2 Te2 und Rb2 Te2 Na2 S2 P63
1984 de Mooij, D.B.; Buschow, K.H.J.; Crystal structure and magnetic properties of the ternary compounds Pt2 Gd Sn and Pt2 Er Sn Gd Pt2 Sn P63
1975 Brunn, H.; Hoppe, R.; Ueber Rb Se O2 (Se La, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd) sowie Cs Nd O2 Cs Sm O2 P63
1973 Boller, H.; Gemischte Pnictide mit geordnetem Ti P - Typ (Ti2 S C - Typ) Ti2 P As P63
1973 Deliens, M.; Goethals, H.; Polytypism of heterogenite Co O (O H) P63 Heterogenite 2H
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