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2002 Rozenberg, G.Kh.; Dubrovinskii, L.S.; Pasternak, M.P.; Naaman, O.; Le Bihan, T.; Ahuja, R.; High-pressure structural studies of hematite Fe2 O3 Fe2 O3 R3- Hematite
2001 Toebbens, D.M.; Stuesser, N.; Knorr, K.; Mayer, H.M.; Lampert, G.; E9: The new high-resolution neutron powder diffractometer at the Berlin neutron scattering center Al2 O3 R3- Corundum
2000 Baster, M.; Bouree, F.; Kowalska, A.; Latacz, Z.; The change of crystal and exchange parameters in the vicinity of TN in Cr2 O3 Cr2 O3 R3-
1999 Oetzel, M.; Heger, G.; Laboratory X-ray powder diffraction: a comparison of different geometries with special attention to the usage of the CuKalpha doublet Al2 O3 R3- Corundum
1993 Maslen, E.N.; Strel'tsov, V.A.; Strel'tsova, N.R.; Ishizawa, N.; Satow, Y.; Synchrotron X-ray study of the electron density in alpha-Al2O3 Al2 O3 R3- Corundum
1980 Finger, L.W.; Hazen, R.M.; Crystal structure and isothermal compression of Fe2 O3, Cr2 O3 and V2 O3 to 50 kbars Cr2 O3 R3- Eskolaite
1975 Robinson, W.R.; High-temperature crystal chemistry of V2 O3 and 1% chromium- doped V2 O3 V2 O3 R3- Karelianite
1928 Zachariasen, W.H.; Untersuchungen ueber die Kristallstruktur von Sesquioxyden und Verbindungen A B O3 Ti2 O3 R3-
1928 Zachariasen, W.H.; Untersuchungen ueber die Kristallstruktur von Sesquioxyden und Verbindungen A B O3 Cr2 O3 R3- Eskolaite
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