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2003 Saez-Puche, R.; Jimenez, E.; Isasi, J.; Fernandez-Diaz, M.T.; Garcia-Munoz, J.L.; Structural and magnetic characterization of R Cr O4 oxides (R = Nd,Er and Tm) Tm (Cr O4) I41
2002 Chaplot, S.L.; Mittal, R.; Busetto, E.; Lausi, A.; Thermal expansion in zircon and almandine: synchrotron X-ray diffraction and lattice dynamical study Zr (Si O4) I41 Zircon
2001 Tezuka, K.; Hinatsu, Y.; Magnetic and crystallographic properties of Ln Cr O4 (Ln = Nd, Sm and Dy) Sm Cr O4 I41
2000 Skakle, J.M.S.; Dickson, C.L.; Glasser, F.P.; The crystal structures of Ce Si O4 and Ca2 Ce8 (Si O4)6 O2 Ce (Si O4) I41
1996 Blin, J.L.; Lorriaux-Rubbens, A.; Wallart, F.; Wignacourt, J.P.; Synthesis and structural investigation of the Eu1-x Bix V O4 scheelite phase: X-ray diffraction, Raman scattering and Eu(3+) luminescence (Eu0.28 Bi0.72) (V O4) I41
1982 Milligan, W.O.; Mullica, D.F.; Beall, G.W.; Boatner, L.A.; Structural investigations of Y P O4, Sc P O4, and Lu P O4 Lu (P O4) I41 Xenotime (Lu)
1979 Hazen, R.M.; Finger, L.W.; Crystal structure an compressibility of zircon at high pressure Zr (Si O4) I41 Zircon
1952 Milligan, W.O.; Vernon, L.W.; Crystal structure of heavy metal orthovanadates Tb (V O4) I41 Wakefieldite (Tb)
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