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2002 Lipton, A.S.; Smith, M.D.; Adams, R.D.; Ellis, P.D.; (67)Zn solid-state and single-crystal NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystal structure of zinc formate dihydrate Zn (C O O H)2 (H2 O)2 P12
2002 Malcherek, T.; Structure and phase transitions of Li Ta O Ge O4 Li Ta O (Ge O4) P12
2000 Kunz, M.; Arlt, T.; Stolz, J.; In situ powder diffraction study of titanite (Ca Ti O Si O4) at high pressure and high temperature Ca (Ti O) (Si O4) P12 Titanite
1999 Nadir, S.; Swinnea, J.S.; Steinfink, H.; Crystal structure and physical properties of Bi Co P O5 Bi Co P O5 P12
1998 Wiesch, A.; Bluhm, K.; Cu Ho2 (B2 O5)2: Ein unerwarteter Strukturtyp in der Reihe der Kupferlanthanoidborate Cu Ho2 (B2 O5)2 P12
1998 von Schnering, H.G.; Llanos, J.; Grin', Yu.N.(Hrin', Yu.N.); Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Peters, E.-M.; Peters, K.; Crystal structure of dicaesium disodium tetragermanide(4-), Cs2 Na2 Ge4 Cs2 Na2 Ge4 P12
1997 Kunz, M.; Xirouchakis, D.; Wang, Y.-B.; Parise, J.B.; Lindsley, D.H.; Structural investigations along the join Ca Ti O Si O4 - Ca Sn O SiO4 Ca Ti O (Si O4) P12 Titanite
1993 Hohnstedt, C.; Meyer, G.; Metallothermische Reduktion des Tribromids und -iodids von Neodym mit Alkalimatallen Rb Nd2 I5 P12
1992 Udovenko, A.A.; Eiberman, M.F.; Davidovich, R.L.; X-ray investigation of sequential phase transitions in potassium pentafluoroantimonate(III) over a temperature range 323-98 K. II.Crystal structure. K2 (Sb F5) P11
1992 Goryunov, A.V.; Popov, A.I.; Khaidukov, N.M.; Fedorov, P.P.; Crystal structure of lithium and yttrium complex fluorides Li K Y F5 P12
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