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2003 Krupkova, R.; Fabry, J.; Vanek, P.; Cisarova, I.; Two modifications of a (K H2 P O4) * (H F) adduct (K (H2 P O4)) (H F) P12
2003 Henry, P.F.; Weller, M.T.; Wilson, C.C.; Determination of the cation distribution in Fe2 Ni (P O4)2 using isotopic substitution and powder neutron diffraction Fe2 Ni (P O4)2 P12 Sarcopside
1999 Ptasiewicz-Bak, H.; Olovsson, I.; McIntyre, G.J.; Charge density in Ni Cl2 x 4(H2 O) at 295 and 30K (Ni (H2 O)4) Cl2 P12
1998 Attfield, J.-P.; Bell, A.M.T.; Rodriguez-Martinez, L.M.; Greneche, J.M.; Cernik, R.J.; Clarke, J.F.; Perkins, D.A.; Electrostatically driven charge-ordering in Fe2 O B O3 Fe2 O (B O3) P12
1997 Kato, K.; Kanke, Y.; Friese, K.; Kommensurable Kompositstruktur des beta-Yb V4 O8 Yb (V4 O8) P21
1994 Tsurumi, T.; Hirano, Y.; Kato, H.; Kamiya, T.; Daimon, M.; Crystal structure and hydration of belite Ca2 (Si O4) P12
1991 Eisenmann, B.; Hofmann, A.; Crystal structure of hexapotassium dimue-selenidobis(diselenidoaluminate) K6 Al2 Se6 P12
1990 Kaiser, V.; Treutmann, W.; Babel, D.; CsCu2F5, crystal structure and magnetism Cs (Cu2 F5) P12
1990 Vrtis, M.L.; Jorgensen, J.D.; Hinks, D.G.; The structural phase transiton in the Re Cu6 compounds (RE= La, Ce, Pr, Nd) Nd Cu6 P12
1987 Hoppe, R.; Wagner, G.; Glaum, H.; Neue Metalloxide mit Tetraeder-Doppel als Baugruppe: Rb6 (Tl2 O6) und Cs6 (In2 O6). Cs6 (In2 O6) P12
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