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2003 Belokoneva, E.L.; Ruchkina, E.A.; Dimitrova, O.V.; Synthesis and crystal structure of the new lead borophosphate Pb2 (B P2 O8 (OH)) Pb2 (B P2 O8 (O H)) P12
2002 Fogh, F.; Hazell, A.; Rasmussen, S.E.; Calcium sodium iminodisulphonate trihydrate, a product of flue-gas desulfurization Ca Na (O3 S N S O3) (H2 O)3 P12
2001 le Fur, E.; Moreno, Y.; Pivan, J.Y.; On the new oxovanadium phosphate Na Zn V O P O4 (H P O4) obtained at 510 K from hydrothermal treatment Na (Zn V P O5) (H P O4) P12
1997 Feng, P.-Y.; Bu, X.-H.; Stucky, G.D.; Synthesis, crystal structure, and magnetic properties of a new polymorphic sodium cobalt phosphate with trigonal bipyramidal Co(2+) and a tunnel structure Na (Co P O4) P12
1993 Mashiyama, H.; Kasano, H.; Refined crystal structure of LiNH4SO4 including hydrogen atoms in phases II and III Li (N H4) (S O4) P21
1989 Eriksson, L.; Louer, D.; Werner, P.E.; Crystal structure determination and rietveld refinement of Zn (O H) (N O3) (H2 O) Zn (O H) (N O3) (H2 O) P12
1979 Cordier, G.; Schaefer, H.; Zur Darstellung und Kristallstruktur von Ba Sb2 Se4 Ba Sb2 Se4 P12
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