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2003 Ermer, O.; Roebke, C.; Crystal structure and chemical stabilization of the triple salt (K H S O5)2 * (K H S O4) * (K2 S O4) (K (H S O5))2 (K (H S O4)) (K2 (S O4)) P12
2000 Teze, A.; Vaissermann, J.; Un nouveau dimere heteropolytungstique ((Si W10 O37)2 Fe4 (O H)4)(12-) forme par la reunion par deux ponts hydroxo de deux unites alpha-Si W10 Fe2 O39. Synthese et structure de son sel de rubidium Rb12 ((Si W10 O37)2 Fe4 (O H)4) (H2 O)17 P12
1996 Adams, R.D.; Layland, R.C.; Payen, C.; A new manganese ortho-arsenate. The synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of Ba2 Mn (As O4)2 Ba2 Mn (As O4)2 P12
1995 Belaj, F.; Structure and thermal motion of sulfonylbis(phosphorimidic trichloride), S O2 (N P Cl3)2 (S O2) (N P Cl3)2 P12
1994 El Bali, B.; Boukhari, A.; Aride, J.; Belaiche, M.; Abraham, F.; Drillon, M.; Crystal structure and magnetic properties of Ba2 Ni (P O4)2 Ba2 Ni (P O4)2 P12
1988 Masse, R.; Durif, A.; A Copper(III) Periodate Peroxo Complex: K4 H4 Cu (I O6)2 O2 6(H2 O) K4 Cu (I O6 H2)2 (O2) (H2 O)6 P12
1984 Sarukhanyan, N.L.; Iskhakova, L.D.; Trunov, V.K.; Ilyukhin, V.V.; Crystal structure of Rb Ln (S O4)2 (H2 O) (Ln=Gd, Ho, Yb) Rb Gd (S O4)2 (H2 O) P12
1977 Griffen, D.T.; Ribbe, P.H.; Gibbs, G.V.; The structure of slawsonite, a strontium analog of paracelsian (Sr.87 Ca.13) Al2 Si2 O8 P12 Slawsonite
1975 Popov, D.; Herak, R.; Radulovic, N.; Ribar, B.; Neutron diffraction study of Mn (N O3)2 (H2 O)4 Mn (N O3)2 (H2 O)4 P12
1969 Astakhova, L.P.; Simonov, V.I.; Determination of the crystal structure of Na2 Mn2 Si2 O7 by the superposition method Na2 Mn2 Si2 O7 P12
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