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2003 Bremner, C.A.; Harrison, W.T.A.; Bis(1-carbamoylguanidinium) diaquatetrachlorocobaltate(II) (C2 H7 N4 O)2 (Co Cl4 (H2 O)2) P12
2002 Aitken, J.A.; Evain, M.; Iordanidis, L.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Na Ce P2 Se6, Cu0.4 Ce1.2 P2 Se6, Ce4 (P2 Se6)3, and the incommensurately modulated Ag Ce P2 Se6: new selenophosphates featuring the ethane-like (P2 Se6)(4-) anion Na Ce (P2 Se6) P12
2002 Tribaudino, M.; Nestola, F.; Average and local structure in P21/c clinopyroxenes along the join diopside - enstatite (Ca Mg Si2 O6 - Mg2 Si2 O6) Ca0.15 Mg1.85 (Si2 O6) P12 Diopside-enstatite s
2001 Assoud, A.; Meyer, G.; Sn Al2 O Cl6, ein quaternaeres Oxidchlorid mit kantenverknuepften (Al4 O2 Cl10)-Tetrameren und ((Sn Cl2/2 Cl5)2)-Dimeren Sn Al2 O Cl6 P12
2001 Evenson, C.R.IV.; Dorhout, P.K.; Thiophosphate phase diagrams developed in conjunction with the synthesis of the new compounds K La P2 S6, K2 La (P2 S6)1/2 (P S4), K3 La (P S4)2, K4 La0.67 (P S4)2, K9-x La1+x/3 (P S4)4 (x = 0.5), K4 Eu (P S4)2, and K Eu P S4 K La (P2 S6) P12
1995 Bukvetskii, B.V.; Chernyshev, B.N; Didenko, N.A.; Bakeeva, N.G.; Crystal structure of the (K, Na)2 Ti2 F8 (O2)2 H2 O peroxoflourotitanate salt K2 Na2 (Ti2 F8 (O2)2) (H2 O)2 P11
1995 Zak, Z.; Ruzicka, A.; Redetermination of 1,5-dichlorocyclotetra(azathiene) at 120 K S4 N4 Cl2 P12
1993 Korthuis, V.C.; Hoffmann, R.-D.; Huang, J.-F.; Sleight, A.W.; Synthesis and crystal structure of potassium and sodium vanadium phosphates K2 (V P O6) P12
1993 Kuschel, R.; Seppelt, K.; Brombromat Br2 O3 Br (Br O3) P12
1985 Adhikesavalu, D.; Cameron, T.S.; Knop, O.; Thomsenolite, Na Ca Al F6 (H2 O): hydrogen bonding and comparison with pachnolite Na Ca (Al F6) (H2 O) P12 Thomsenolite
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