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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2002 Kaiser, V.; Babel, D.; Ueber Cs2 Zn Cu3 F10 und die Kristallstruktur von Cs7 Cu6 F19 Cs7 Cu6 F19 P12
2001 Platonov, A.N.; Langer, K.; Wildner, M.; Polshin, E.V.; Matsyuk, S.S.; The crystal chemistry of the humite minerals: spectroscopic studiesand structure refinement of an unusual iron-rich clinohumite Mg5.18 Fe3.82 (Si O4)4 F1.21 (O H)0.78 P21 Clinohumite
1998 Losilla, E.R.; Salvado, M.A.; Aranda, M.A.G.; Cabeza, A.; Pertierra, P.; Garcia-Granda, S.; Bruque, S.; Layered acid arsenates alpha-M (H As O4)2 . (H2 O) (M = Ti, Sn, Pb): synthesis optimization and crystal structures Pb (H As O4)2 (H2 O) P12
1994 Carrozzini, B.; Crystal structure refinements of ilvaite: new relationships between chemical composition and crystallographic parameters Ca1.01 (Fe0.97 Mg0.02) (Fe0.91 Al0.09) (Fe0.90 Mn0.10) (Si O4)2 P12 Ilvaite
1988 Kissel, D.; Hoppe, R.; Zur Kenntnis des Systems Cs F / Cu F2: Ueber Cs7 Cu6 F19 (1). Cs7 Cu6 F19 P12
1988 Mueller, U.; Conradi, E.; Patt-Siebel, U.; Kersting, M.; Schmidt, I.; Khabou, A.; Dehnicke, K.; Spektroskopische und kristallographische Charakterisierung von (Cl3 P N P Cl3) (Mo O Cl4) und die Kristallstruktur von (Cl3 P N P Cl3) (Mo Cl6) ((Cl3 P)2 N) (Mo Cl6) P12
1980 Foss, O.; Janickis, V.; Crystal structure of gamma-monoclinic Selenium Se8 P12
1966 Ringertz, H.; The molecular and crystal structure of uric acid C5 H4 N4 O3 P12 Uricite
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