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2003 Belokoneva, E.L.; Ruchkina, E.A.; Dimitrova, O.V.; Synthesis and crystal structure of the new lead borophosphate Pb2 (B P2 O8 (OH)) Pb2 (B P2 O8 (O H)) P12
2003 Ermer, O.; Roebke, C.; Crystal structure and chemical stabilization of the triple salt (K H S O5)2 * (K H S O4) * (K2 S O4) (K (H S O5))2 (K (H S O4)) (K2 (S O4)) P12
2003 Takahashi, J.; Yamane, H.; Hirosaki, N.; Yamamoto, Y.; Suehiro, T.; Kamiyama, T.; Shimada, M.; Crystal structure of La4 Si2 O7 N2 analyzed by the Rietveld method using the time-of-flight neutron powder diffraction data La4 (Si2 O7 N2) P12
2002 Lipton, A.S.; Smith, M.D.; Adams, R.D.; Ellis, P.D.; (67)Zn solid-state and single-crystal NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystal structure of zinc formate dihydrate Zn (C O O H)2 (H2 O)2 P12
2001 le Fur, E.; Moreno, Y.; Pivan, J.Y.; On the new oxovanadium phosphate Na Zn V O P O4 (H P O4) obtained at 510 K from hydrothermal treatment Na (Zn V P O5) (H P O4) P12
1999 Ptasiewicz-Bak, H.; Olovsson, I.; McIntyre, G.J.; Charge density in Ni Cl2 x 4(H2 O) at 295 and 30K (Ni (H2 O)4) Cl2 P12
1995 Blasse, G.; Hamstra, M.A.; Ijdo, D.J.W.; Plaisier, J.R.; Synthesis, structure and luminescence of new Ca3 Sn Si2 O9 Ca3 Sn Si2 O9 P12
1995 Knorr, R.; Mueller, U.; eta-Mo4 O11 und Mg2 Mo3 O8: eine neue Synthese und Verfeinerung ihrer Kristallstrukturen Mo4 O11 P12
1993 Grandin, A.; Chardon, J.; Borel, M.M.; Leclaire, A.; Raveau, B.; A mixed valent vanadium phosphate closely related to BaV2P2O10: AgV2P2O10 Ag (V2 P2 O10) P12
1984 Sarukhanyan, N.L.; Iskhakova, L.D.; Trunov, V.K.; Ilyukhin, V.V.; Crystal structure of Rb Ln (S O4)2 (H2 O) (Ln=Gd, Ho, Yb) Rb Gd (S O4)2 (H2 O) P12
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