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2003 Gascoin, F.; Sevov, S.C.; Synthesis and characterization of transition-metal Zintl phases: K10 Nb In As6 and K9 Nb2 As6 K10 ((Nb In As4) As2) P12
2003 Choe Won-Young; Pecharsky, A.O.; Woerle, M.; Miller, G.J.; "Nanoscale zippers" in Gd5 (Six Ge1-x)4: symmetry and chemical influences on the nanoscale zipping action Gd5 (Si0.46 Ge0.54)4 P11
2001 Lehmann, J.F.; Dixon, D.A.; Schrobilgen, G.J.; X-ray crystal structures of alpha-(Kr F2), (Kr F) (M F6) (M=As,Sb,Bi), (Kr2 F3)(Sb F6)*(Kr F2), (Kr2 F3)2 (Sb F6)2 *(Kr F2), and (Kr2 F3)(As F6) * (Kr F)(As F6); synthesis and characterization of (Kr2 F3) (Pb F6) * n(Kr F2); (Kr F) (Sb F6) P12
2000 Johrendt, D.; Tampier, M.; Strontium-selenogermanate(III) and barium-selenogermanate(II,IV): crystal structures and chemical bonding Sr2 (Ge2 Se5) P12
1994 Mueller-Buschbaum, H.; Muenchau, S.; Ein Beitrag zur Kristallchemie von Ca Be Gd2 O5 und Ba Be Nd2 O5 Ba Be Nd2 O5 P12
1994 Mueller-Buschbaum, H.; Wolters, M.; Synthese und Kristallstrukturuntersuchung von Ca Be Eu2 O5, Sr Be Gd2 O5 und Eu Be Sm2 O5 Eu Be Sm2 O5 P12
1991 Rybakov, V.B.; Aslanov, L.A.; Volkov, S.V.; Fokina, Z.A.; Timoshchenko, N.I.; X-ray investigation of iron(III) halogenchalcogenide complexes Fe S Cl7 P11
1988 Schroeder, F.; Mueller-Buschbaum, H.; Neue Oxometallate der Formel Ba Be La2 O5, Sr Be Nd2 O5 und Sr Be Sm2 O5 Ba Be La2 O5 P12
1957 Appleman, D.E.; Evans, H.T.jr.; The crystal structure of carnotite K2 (U O2)2 (V O4)2 P12 Margaritasite
1949 Sundberg, I.; Sillen, L.G.; On the crystal structure of K U O2 V O4 (Synthetic anhydrous carnotite) K U O2 V O4 P12 Carnotite
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