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1999 Wilson, R.M.; Elliott, J.C.; Dowker, S.E.P.; Rietveld refinement of the crystallographic structure of human dental enamel apatites (Ca3.892 Na0.087 Mg0.021) (Ca5.491 Na0.123 Mg0.028) (P O4)5.17 P63 Apatite
1996 Sosnowska, I.; Przenioslo, R.; Shiojiri, M.; Fischer, P.; Neutron diffraction studies of the crystal and magnetic structure ofBa Ti2 Fe4 O11 Ba Ti2 Fe4 O11 P63
1994 Attfield, M.P.; Morris, R.E.; Cheetham, A.K.; Synthesis and structures of two isostructural phosphites, Fe11 (H PO3)8 (O H)6 and Mn11 (H P O3)8 (O H)6 Mn11 (H P O3)8 (O H)6 P63
1992 Jansen, M.; Bilow, U.; Elektrochemische Synthese und Kristallstrukturen dreier neuer Clathrate HgAg6O8ClO4, HgAg6O8NO3 und Hg2Ag18O33H22(ClO4)4 Hg2 Ag18 (H22 O33) (Cl O4)4 FD3
1991 Nord, A.G.; Werner, P.E.; Cation distribution studies of three (Ni, Mg) orthovanadates Ni2 Mg (V O4)2 CMC
1990 Golubev, A.M.; Ivanov-Shits, A.K.; Simonov, V.I.; Sobolev, B.P.; Sorokina, N.I.; Fedorov, P.P.; A structural model for fluoride ionic transport in Ba1-xHoxF2+x solid solutions (x>0.1) (Ba0.8 Ho0.2) F2.2 FM3
1989 Alexander, V.D.; Iron distribution in staurolite at room and low temperatures Mg0.94 Ti0.09 Mn0.08 Fe2.33 Zn0.65 Al18.10 Si7.26 O43.8 (O H)4. C12 Staurolite
1986 Che, C.M.; Lee, W.M.; Mak, T.C.W.; Gray, H.B.; Axial-ligand and metal-metal trans influences in binuclear platinum(III) complexes. Crystal structures and spectroscopic properties of K4 Pt2 (P2 O5 H2)4 (S C N)2 (H2 O)2 etc. K6 Pt2 (P2 O5 H2)4 (N O2)4 (H2 O)2 C12
1985 Jeitschko, W.; Meisen, U.; Moeller, M.H.; Reehuis, M.; Ueber La Co2 P2 und andere neue Verbindungen mit Th Cr2 Si2 und Ca Be2 Ge2 Struktur Pr Co2 P2 I4/
1985 Rudolf, P.R.; Subramanian, M.A.; Clearfield, A.; Jorgensen, J.D.; The crystal structure of a nonstoichiometric Nasicon Na2.88 (Na.32 Zr1.68) Si1.84 P1.16 O11.54 C12 Nasicon low
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