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1997 Helliwell, M.; Smith, J.V.; Brochantite Cu4 (S O4) (O H)6 P121/A1 Brochantite
1997 Smith, J.V.; Pluth, J.J.; Han, S.-X.; Crystal structure refinement of miargyrite, Ag Sb S2 Ag Sb S2 C121 Miargyrite
1990 Pluth, J.J.; Smith, J.V.; Crystal structure of boggsite, a new high-silica zeolite with the first three-dimensional channel system bounded by both 12- and 10-rings Si96 O192 (H2 O)137.04 IMMA Boggsite
1987 Smyth, J.R.; Smith, J.V.; Artioli, G.; Kvick, A.; Crystal structure of coesite, a high-pressure form of Si O2, at 15 and 298 K from single-crystal neutron and X-ray diffraction data: test of bonding models Si O2 C12/C1 Coesite
1983 Pluth, J.J.; Smith, J.V.; Crystal structure of dehydrated Rb-exchanged zeolite A. absence of zero-coordinated rubidium. Preferential ion exchange of barium impurity Rb9.12 Na Ba Al12 Si12 O48 PM3-M Zeolite A
1977 Mortier, W.J.; Pluth, J.J.; Smith, J.V.; Positions of cations and molecules in zeolithes with the chabazite framework I. Dehydrated Ca - exchanged chabazite Ca1.9 Al3.8 Si8.2 O24 R3-MR Chabazite
1969 Bennett, J.M.; Smith, J.V.; Angell, C.L.; Positions of cations and molecules in zeolites with the faujasite-type framework. V. La-exchanged type X zeolite at 298, 698 and 1008 K La25.68 Al76.8 Si115.2 O384 FD3-MZ Faujasite
1958 Dent, L.S.; Smith, J.V.; Crystal structure of chabazite, a molecular sieve Na.15 Ca.90 Al1.95 Si4.05 O12 (H2 O)6 R3-MR Chabazite
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