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2003 Rabadanov, M.Kh.; Pietraszko, A.; Kireev, V.V.; Ivanov-Shits, A.K.; Simonov, V.I.; Atomic structure and mechanism of superionic conductivity of Li3.31 Ge0.31 P0.69 O4 single crystals Li3.05 (Ge0.31 P0.69 O4) PNMA
1998 Chernaya, T.S.; Maksimov, B.A.; Verin, I.A.; Ivleva, L.I.; Simonov, V.I.; Refinement of the single-crystal structure of Sr0.61 Ba0.39 Nb2 O6 : Ce (Sr0.62 Ba0.37) Nb2 O6 P4BM
1996 Zhurova, E.A.; Maximov, B.A.; Simonov, V.I.; Sobolev, B.P.; Structural studies of Ca F2 (at 296 K) and Ca1-x Prx F2+x , x=0.1 (at 296 and 170 K) crystals. The changes in the fluorite anionic motif in the partial substitution of Ca(2+) by Pr(3+) cations (Ca0.9 Pr0.1) F2.1 FM3-M
1990 Golubev, A.M.; Ivanov-Shits, A.K.; Simonov, V.I.; Sobolev, B.P.; Sorokina, N.I.; Fedorov, P.P.; A structural model for fluoride ionic transport in Ba1-xHoxF2+x solid solutions (x>0.1) (Ba0.8 Ho0.2) F2.2 FM3-M
1990 Makarova, I.P.; Muradyan, L.A.; Rider, E.E.; Sarin, V.A.; Alexandrova, I.P.; Simonov, V.I.; Neutron diffraction study of RbHSeO4 and NH4HSeO4 single crystals (N H4) (H Se O4) B112
1986 Dudka, A.P.; Kaminskii, A.A.; Simonov, V.I.; Refinement of Na Gd Ge O4, Na Y Ge O4, and Na Lu Ge O4 single-crystal structures Na Lu (Ge O4) PNMA
1983 Shuvalov, L.A.; Bondarenko, V.V.; Varikash, V.M.; Gridnev, S.A.; Makarova, I.P.; Simonov, V.I.; Thallium trihydroselenite - a new representative of the family of alkali trihydroselenite crystals: physical properties, phase transitions, and atomic structure Tl H3 (Se O3)2 P212121
1971 Golyshev, V.M.; Simonov, V.I.; Belov, N.V.; Crystal Structure of Eudialite H6 Na12 Ca6 Fe3 Zr3 Si24 O72 Cl2 R3MH Eudialyte
1969 Astakhova, L.P.; Simonov, V.I.; Determination of the crystal structure of Na2 Mn2 Si2 O7 by the superposition method Na2 Mn2 Si2 O7 P121/N1
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