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2002 Pushcharovskii, D.Yu.; Gobechiya, E.R.; Pasero, M.; Merlino, S.; Dimitrova, O.V.; Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structures of (Li, Ba)- nanoborate, Li Ba B9 O15, and Ba-borophosphate, Ba B P O5 Ba (B P O5) P3221
1994 Pasero, M.; Reinecke, T.; Fransolet, A.-M.; Crystal structure refinements and compositional control of Mn-Mg-Ca ardennites from the Belgian Ardennes, Greece and the Western Alps Mn2 (Mn Ca) (Al1.7 Fe0.3) Al2 (Mg0.9 Al0.7 Mn0.4) (Si O4)2 (Si3 O10) (Si0.2 As0.8 O3.9) (O H)6.1 PNMMZ Ardennite
1994 Bonaccorsi, E.; Merlino, S.; Orlandi, P.; Pasero, M.; Vezzalini, G.; Quadridavyne, ((Na, K)6 Cl2) (Ca2 Cl2) (Si6 Al6 O24), a new feldspathoid mineral from Vesuvius area (Na4.08 K1.92 Cl2) (Ca2 Cl2) (Si6 Al6 O24) P63/M Quadridavyne
1992 Merlino, S.; Pasero, M.; Sabelli, C.; Trosti-Ferroni, R.; Crystal structure refinements of spangolite, a hydrated basic sulphate of copper and aluminium, from three different occurrences Cu6 (Al.94 Fe.06) (S O4) (O H)12 Cl (H2 O)3 P31C Spangolite
1990 Merlino, S.; Pasero, M.; Khomyakov, A.P.; The crystal structure of lintisite, Na3 Li Ti2 (Si2 O6)2 O2 * 2H2O, a new titanosilicate from Lovozero (USSR) Na3 Li Ti2 (Si O3)4 O2 (H2 O)2 C12/C1 Lintisite
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