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2004 Michiue, Y.; Onoda, M.; Brown, F.; Kimizuka, N.; Modulated structure of the composite crystal In Cr1-x Tix O3+x/2 In (Cr0.333 Ti0.667) O3.333 C12/M1
2002 Miyazaki, Y.; Onoda, M.; Oku, T.; Kikuchi, M.; Ishii, Y.; Ono, Y.; Morii, Y.; Kajitani, T.; Modulated structure of the thermoelectric compound (Ca2 Co O3)0.62 Co O2 Co O2 C1M1
1998 Onoda, M.; Phase transitions of Ti3 O5 Ti3 O5 CMCM
1993 Gotoh, Y.; Onoda, M.; Akimoto, J.; Goto, M.; Oosawa, Y.; The layered composite crystal structure of the ternary sulfide (Sn S)1.15 Ta S2 "Sn Ta S3" Ta S2 C2MM
1988 Asano, H.; Oda, M.; Endoh, Y.; Hidaka, Y.; Izumi, F.; Ishigaki, T.; Karahashi, K.; Murakami, T.; Watanabe, N.; Neutron powder diffraction from polymorphs of Ba Pb0.75 Bi0.25 O3. Ba Pb0.7 Bi0.3 O3 I4/MCM
1988 Yamada, K.; Kudo, E.; Endoh, Y.; Tsuda, K.; Tanaka, M.; Kokusho, K.; Asano, H.; Izumi, F.; Oda, M.; Hidaka, Y.; Suzuki, M.; Murakami, T.; Determination of space group and refinement of structure parameters for La2 Cu O4-d crystals La2 Cu O3.97 CMCA
1987 Onoda, M.; Wada, H.; The titanium-sulphur system: structures of Ti6.9 S9 (18H) and Ti8.2 S11 (33R) and the unit cells of 45R and 57R types of titanium sulphide Ti8.2 S11 R3-MH
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