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2003 Merlino, S.; Perchiazzi, N.; Franco, D.; Brochantite, Cu4 S O4 (O H)6 : OD character, polytypism and crystal structures Cu4 (S O4) (O H)6 P121/A1 Brochantite-2M1
2002 Pushcharovskii, D.Yu.; Gobechiya, E.R.; Pasero, M.; Merlino, S.; Dimitrova, O.V.; Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structures of (Li, Ba)- nanoborate, Li Ba B9 O15, and Ba-borophosphate, Ba B P O5 Ba (B P O5) P3221
1994 Bonaccorsi, E.; Merlino, S.; Orlandi, P.; Pasero, M.; Vezzalini, G.; Quadridavyne, ((Na, K)6 Cl2) (Ca2 Cl2) (Si6 Al6 O24), a new feldspathoid mineral from Vesuvius area (Na4.08 K1.92 Cl2) (Ca2 Cl2) (Si6 Al6 O24) P63/M Quadridavyne
1992 Merlino, S.; Pasero, M.; Sabelli, C.; Trosti-Ferroni, R.; Crystal structure refinements of spangolite, a hydrated basic sulphate of copper and aluminium, from three different occurrences Cu6 (Al.94 Fe.06) (S O4) (O H)12 Cl (H2 O)3 P31C Spangolite
1990 Merlino, S.; Pasero, M.; Khomyakov, A.P.; The crystal structure of lintisite, Na3 Li Ti2 (Si2 O6)2 O2 * 2H2O, a new titanosilicate from Lovozero (USSR) Na3 Li Ti2 (Si O3)4 O2 (H2 O)2 C12/C1 Lintisite
1981 Moore, P.B.; Araki, T.; Merlino, S.; Mellini, M.; Zanazzi, P.F.; The Arrojadite -Dickinsonite series, K Na4 Ca (Fe, Mn)14 Al (O H)2 (P O4)12: crystal structure and crystal chemistry K Na5 Ca (Fe8.5 Mn4.5) Al F (O H) (P O4)12 A12/A1 Arrojadite
1980 Merlino, S.; Crystal structure of Sapphirine -1Tc Al3.80 Mg3.15 Fe1.05 (Si1.75 Al4.25 O20) P1- Sapphirine 1A
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