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2003 Speka, M.V.; Markiv, V.Ya.; Zakharenko, M.I.; Belyavina, N.M.; Isothermal section (400C) of the phase diagram of Y-Al-Ga ternary system in the region up to 33.3 at.% Y Y Al0.40 Ga2.60 P63/MMC
2002 Titov, Yu.A.; Sych, A.M.; Markiv, V.Ya.; Belyavina, N.M.; Kapshuk, A.A.; Yashchuk, V.P.; Slobodyanik, N.S.; Formation, condition of existence and peculiarities of Sr2 La Ta3 O11 slab perovskite-like structure Sr2 La (Ta3 O11) IMMM
2002 Titov, Yu.O.; Sych, A.M.; Markiv, V.Ya.; Belyavina, N.M.; Kapshuk, A.O.; Localization of heteroatoms Fe and Nb in the layered structure of ferroelectric La4 Ti4 O14 La4 Ti3 Nb0.5 Fe0.5 O14 PNA21
1989 Shevchenko, I.P.; Markiv, V.Ya.; Yarmolyuk, Ya.P.; Grin', Yu.N.(Hrin', Yu.N.); Fedorchuk, A.A.; Phase equilibria and crystalline structure of compounds in the system Ho-Cu-Ga (Cu0.1 Ga0.9)2 Ho P6/MMM
1986 Markiv, V.Ya.; Belyavina, N.N.; The crystal structure of Hf Ga and of Hf3 Cr2 Si4 Ga Hf PBCM
1981 Markiv, V.Ya.; Belyavina, N.N.; Isothermal sections of the Hf-Sc-Ga (800 deg. C) and Hf-Ti-Ga (750 deg. C) phase diagrams Ga3 (Hf0.8 Sc0.2) I4/MMM
1980 Grin', Yu.N.(Hrin', Yu.N.); Gavrilenko, L.S.; Markiv, V.Ya.; Yarmolyuk, Ya.P.; Crystal structure of Er Ti2 Ga4 and some analogous compounds Er Ga4 Ti2 I4/MMM
1974 Kuz'menko, P.P.; Suprunenko, P.A.; Markiv, V.Ya.; Bucik, T.M.; Laves phases in the pseudobinary sections Zr Fe2 - Zr Al2 and Zr Co2 - Zr Al2 (Al1.8 Co0.2) Zr FD3-MS
1974 Markiv, V.Ya.; Storozhenko, A.I.; Zozulya, A.A.; Investigation of Ti-Fe-Ga and Ti-Co-Ga systems (Fe0.17 Ga0.83)3 Ti PM3-M
1971 Pet'kov, V.V.; Kocherzhinskii, Yu.A.; Markiv, V.Ya.; Investigation of the phase diagram in the Ta-Co system Co2 Ta FD3-MS
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