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2002 Istomin, S.Ya.; Svensson, G.; Koehler, J.; Structures and properties of the perovskite-type compounds Na(1-x) Sr(x) Nb O3 (0.1<=x<=0.9) - from insulating to metallic conductivity (Na0.5 Sr0.5) (Nb O3) P4/MBM
2002 Grzechnik, A.; Bouvier, P.; Mezouar, M.; Mathews, M.D.; Tyagi, A.K.; Koehler, J.; Hexagonal Na(1.5) Y(1.5) F6 at high pressures (Na1.5 Y0.5) Y F6 P6-2M
2000 Koehler, J.; Chang, J.-H.; (Pt In6)10+ octahedra in Pt In7 F13: The first compound of a new class of metal-cluster fluorides In7 Pt F13 P63MC
1996 Koehler, J.; Urland, W.; Dependence of Pr(3+) distributions on the composition of Pr(3+)-beta"- alumina Pr0.53 Mg0.72 Al10.2 O16.88 R3-MH
1995 Zubkov, V.G.; Tyutyunnik, A.P.; Perelyaev, V.A.; Shveikin, G.P.; Koehler, J.; Kremer, R.K.; Simon, A.; Svensson, G.; Synthesis and structural, magnetic and electrical characterisation of the reduced oxoniobates Ba Nb8 O14, Eu Nb8 O14, Eux Nb O3 (x=0.7,1.0) Eu Nb8 O14 PBAM
1989 Simon, A.; Koehler, J.; Tischtau, R.; Miller, G.; K4 Al2 Nb11 O20 F - "missing link" der Clusterkondensation K4 Al2 Nb11 O20 F I4/MMM
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