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2001 Kim, J.; Hughbanks, T.; Direct and indirect preparation of layered quaternary manganese tellurides; A Mnx My Te2 (A = Li, Na; M = Cu, Ag; x+y<=2) Na Mn0.97 Ag0.13 Te2 P3-M1
1999 Kim, J.-Y.; Wang, C.-C.; Hughbanks, T.; Synthesis and structures of new layered ternary manganese tellurides: A Mn Te2 (A = K, Rb, Cs), Na3 Mn4 Te6 and Na Mn1.56 Te2 Rb Mn Te2 I4-M2
1996 Wang, C.; Hughbanks, T.; New Zr6 M Te2 (M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Ru, Pt), Zr6 Fe0.6 Se2.4, and Zr6 Fe0.57 S2.43 intermetallics: structural links between binary (Zr, Hf)3 M alloys and porous metal-rich tellurides Zr6 Fe Te2 P6-2M
1995 Wang, C.; Abdon, R.L.; Hughbanks, T.; Reibenspies, J.; Hf2.64 Zr0.36 Te4 and Mx(I) Zr3 Te4 (M(I) = Na, K, Rb, Cs), new compounds of the Nb3 Te4 - structure type K0.25 Zr3 Te4 P63/M
1988 Kauzlarich, S.M.; Hughbanks, T.; Corbett, J.D.; Klavins, P.; Shelton, R.N.; Two Extended Metal Chain Compounds, Y4I5C and Y6I7C2 Synthesis, Properties and Bonding. Y4 I5 C C12/M1
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