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2001 Oryshchyn, S.V.; le Senechal, C.; Deputier, S.; Bauer, J.; Guerin, R.; Aksel'rud, L.G.; New ternary phases in the Mo - Ni - P system: synthesis and crystal structures Mo3 Ni2 P1.167 F4-3M
1994 le Clanche, M.C.; Deputier, S.; Jegaden, J.C.; Guerin, R.; Ballini, Y.; Guivarc'h, A.; Solid state phase equilibria in the Ni-Ga-Sb system: experimental and calculated determinations (Ga Sb) Ni3 P63/MMC
1990 Pivan, J.Y.; Guerin, R.; Pena, O.; Padiou, J.; El Ghadraoui, E.H.; Rafiq, M.; New quaternary lanthanoid transition metal arsenides with Ho5Ni19P12-type derivative structure Ce5 Zr3 Ni14.92 As12 P6-2M
1989 Guerin, R.; Guivarc'h, A.; Metallurgical study of Ni/Ga As contacts. I. Experimental determination of the solid portion of the Ni-Ga-As ternary phase diagram Ga Ni PM3-M
1988 El Ghadraoui, E.H.; Pivan, J.Y.; Guerin, R.; New ternary pnictides MNi0.75X2 (M=Zr, Hf) with a defective CaBe2Ge2-type structure - structure and properties Zr Ni0.75 As2 P4/NMMZ
1986 Pivan, J.Y.; Guerin, R.; Padiou, J.; Sergent, M.; Syntheses, crystal structures and properties of Ho2 Ni12 P7 and Ho6 Ni20 P13 Ho2 Ni12 P7 P6-
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