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2004 Hassan, I.; Antao, S.M.; Parise, J.B.; Sodalite: high-temperature structures obtained from synchrotron radiation and Rietveld refinements Na8 (Al6 Si6 O24) Cl2 P4-3N Sodalite
2004 Ryu Kum Sook; Bae Myung Nam; Kim Yang; Seff, K.; Further crystallographic confirmation that Cs(+) ions can occupy sodalite cavities and double six-rings. Crystal structure of fully dehydrated partially Cs(+)-exchanged zeolite X, (Cs45 Na47) (Si100 Al92 O384) - FAU (Cs45.3 Na46.7) (Al92 Si100 O384) FD3-Z Zeolite X
2003 Armstrong, J.A.; Dann, S.E.; Neumann, K.; Marco, J.F.; Synthesis, structure and magnetic behaviour of the danalite family of minerals, Fe8 (Be Si O4)6 X2 (X = S, Se, Te) Fe8 (Be Si O4)6 Te2 P4-3N Unnamed_Sodalite
2002 Fowkes, A.J.; Ibberson, R.M.; Rosseinsky, M.J.; Structural characterization of the redox behavior in copper-exchanged sodium zeolite Y by high-resolution powder neutron diffraction Na62 H2 Al64 Si128 O384 FD3-MZ Zeolite NaY
2002 Heo, N.-H.; Chun, C.W.; Park, J.S.; Lim, W.T.; Park, M.; Li, S.-L.; Zhou, L.-P.; Reaction of fully indium-exchanged zeolite A with hydrogen sulfide. Crystal structures of indium-exchanged zeolite A containing In2 S, In S H, sorbed H2 S and (In5)(7+) (In9.8 H0.4) (Si12 Al12 O48) (In S H)0.4 (H2 S) PM3-M Zeolite A
2002 Jeong Gyoung Hwa; Kim Yang; Crystal structures of zeolite X exchanged by two different cations. Structures of (Cd32 Cs28)-X and (Cd28 Rb36)-X (X = Si100 Al92 O384) Cd32 Cs28 (Al92 Si100 O384) FD3-Z Zeolite X
2002 Zheng Nan-Feng; Bu Xian-Hui; Wang Bing; Feng Ping-Yun; Microporous and photoluminescent chalcogenide zeolite analogs (Ga2.32 Sn1.68 S8) (C6 H18 N4) I4-2D UCR-21GaSnS-TAEA sulfide zeolite
2001 Henry, P.F.; Weller, M.T.; Wilson, C.C.; Structural investigation of TS-1: determination of the true nonrandom titanium framework substitution and silicon vacancy distribution from powder neutron diffraction studies using isotopes Si0.9717 O2 PNMA Zeolite TS-1
2001 Marler, B.; Werthmann, U.; Gies, H.; Synthesis and structure of pure silica-RUB-10 (structure type: RUT)obtained with pyrrolidine as the structure directing agent (Si36 O72) (C4 H9 N)4 C121 Zeolite RUB-10
2001 Buhl, J.-C.; Gesing, T.M.; Gurris, C.; Synthesis and crystal structure of rhodanide-enclathrated sodalite Na8 (Al Si O4)6 (S C N)2 Na8 (Al Si O4)6 (S C N)2 P4-3N Sodalite
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