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2000 Kirschhock, C.E.A.; Hunger, B.; Martens, J.; Jacobs, P.A.; Localisation of residual water in alkali-metal cation-exchanged X and Y type zeolites Rb27.74 Na27.6 (Al56 Si136 O384) (H2 O)4.32 FD3-MZ Zeolite Y
1998 Haniffa, R.M.; Seff, K.; Partial structures of fully dehydrated Ni30 Na7 Cl12 Si137 Al55 O384 (solid-state nickel(II)-exchanged zeolite Y) and of its D2 O sorption complex by pulsed-neutron diffraction Ni30 Na7 (Al55 Si137 O384) Cl12 FD3-MZ Zeolite Y
1987 van Dun, J.J.; Mortier, W.J.; Influence of the temperature on the cation distribution in dehydrated and hydrated SrY zeolites Sr26.88 Si136.5 Al55.5 O384 FD3-MZ Zeolite Y
1983 Bergeret, G.; Tri, T.M.; Gallezot, P.; X-ray study of palladium location in Y zeolite during in situ hydrogen benzene adsorption, and benzene hydrogenation Pd12.9 Na8.4 H47.5 Si136.1 Al55.9 O384 FD3-MZ Zeolite Y
1981 Pearce, J.P.; Mortier, W.J.; Crystallographic study of the distribution of chromium cations in X and Y zeolites Cr3.8 Na44.2 (Al O2)56 (Si O2)136 (H2 O)245 FD3-MZ Zeolite Y
1972 Gallezot, P.; Ben Taarit, Y.; Imelik, B.; X-ray diffraction study of cupric ion migration in two Y-type zeolites containing adsorbed reagents (Cu14.2 Na17.8 (Al56 Si136 O384)) (N H3) FD3-MZ Zeolite Y
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