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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
1995 Knight, K.S.; Bonanos, N.; The crystal structures of some doped and undoped alkaline earth cerate perovskite Sr (Ce O3) PMC Perovskite
1994 Kobayashi, H.; Nagata, M.; Kanno, R.; Kawamoto, Y.; Structural characterization of the orthorhombic perovskites: (A Ru O3 (A= Ca, Sr, La, Pr)) (Sr0.5 Ca0.5) (Ru O3) PNM Perovskite
1993 Liu, X.; Liebermann, R.C.; X-ray powder diffraction study of Ca Ti O3 perovskite at high temperatures Ca (Ti O3) PBN Perovskite
1992 Shuvaeva, V.A.; Antipin, M.Yu.; Lindeman, S.V.; Fesenko, O.E.; Smotrakov, V.G.; Struchkov, Yu.T.; X-ray diffraction study of NaNbO3 single crystals in electric field. Na (Nb O3) P21 Lueshite low
1990 Ross, N.L.; Hazen, R.M.; High-pressure crystal chemistry of MgSiO3 perovskite Mg (Si O3) PBN Perovskite
1990 Hill, R.J.; Jackson, I.; The thermal expansion of Sc Al O3 - a silicate perovskite analogue Sc (Al O3) PBN Perovskite
1989 Ross, N.L.; Hazen, R.M.; Single crystal X-ray diffraction study of Mg Si O3 perovskite from 77 to 400K Mg (Si O3) PBN Perovskite
1987 Sasaki, S.; Prewitt, C.T.; Bass, J.D.; Orthorhombic perovskite Ca Ti O3 and Cd Ti O3: structure and space group Ca (Ti O3) PBN Perovskite
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