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2004 Vajeeston, P.; Ravindran, P.; Kjekshus, A.; Fjellvag, H.; Crystal structure of K Al H4 from first principle calculations K (Al H4) I41/AZ
2003 Zvereva, I.; Smirnov, Yu.; Gusarov, V.; Popova, V.; Choisnet, J.; Complex aluminates RE2 Sr Al2 O7 (RE = La, Nd, Sm-Ho): cation ordering and stability of the double perovskite slab-rocksalt layer P2/RS intergrowth Nd2 Sr (Al2 O7) I4/MMM
2002 Manikumari, S.; Shivaiah, V.; Das, S.K.; Identification of a near-linear supramolecular water dimer, (H2 O)2, in the channel of an inorganic framework material Na3 (H2 O)6 (Al (O H)6 Mo6 O18) (H2 O)2 P1-
2002 Carbonin, S.; Martignago, F.; Menegazzo, G.; dal Negro, A.; X-ray single-crystal study of spinels: in situ heating Mg (Al2 O4) FD3-MZ Spinel
2000 Ludwig, M.; Jaeger, J.; Niewa, R.; Kniep, R.; Crystal structures of two polymorphs of Ca3 (Al2 N4) Ca3 (Al2 N4) P212121
2000 Howard, C.J.; Kennedy, B.J.; Chakoumakos, B.C.; Neutron powder diffraction study of rhombohedral rare-earth aluminates and the rhombohedral to cubic phase transition La (Al O3) R3-CH
1999 Kozielski, M.; Jezierski, A.; Kasprowicz, D.; Szybowicz, M.; Band structurew of Sr La Ga O(3+d) and Sl La Al O(3+d) Sr La (Al O4) I4/MMM
1999 Vogt, T.; Woodward, P.M.; Hunter, B.A.; Prodjosantoso, A.K.; Kennedy, B.J.; Sr3 M O4 F (M = Al, Ga) - a new family of ordered oxyfluorides Sr3 (Al O4) F I4/MCM
1998 Walz, L.; Pulverdiffraktometrische Untersuchungen am System Sr3-x Cax Al2 O6 sowie Einkristallstrukturanalysen fuer die Faelle x= 1.395(8), 1.62(1) und 2.12(1) Ca1.93 Sr1.07 (Al2 O6) PA3-
1997 Bombik, A.; Lesniewska, B.; Mayer, J.; Oles, A.; Pacyna, A.W.; Przewoznik, J.; Solid solutions Tb Fe1-x Alx O3 (0 Tb (Al O3) PBNM
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