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2003 Wagemaker, M.; Kearley, G.J.; van Well, A.A.; Mutka, H.; Mulder, F.M.; Multiple Li positions inside oxygen octahedra in lithiated Ti O2 anatase Li0.59 Ti O2 IMM Anatase
2003 Barnes, P.W.; Woodward, P.M.; Lee Yong-Jae; Vogt, T.; Hriljac, J.A.; Pressure-induced cation migration and volume expansion in the defect pyrochlores A Nb W O6 (A = (N H4)(+), Rb(+), H(+), K(+)) (N H4) (Nb W O6) (H2 O) FD3
2002 Lipton, A.S.; Smith, M.D.; Adams, R.D.; Ellis, P.D.; (67)Zn solid-state and single-crystal NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystal structure of zinc formate dihydrate Zn (C O O H)2 (H2 O)2 P12
2002 Sykora, R.E.; Ok, K.M.; Halasyamani, P.S.; Albrecht-Schmitt, T.E.; Structural modulation of molybdenyl iodate architectures by alkali metal cations in A Mo O3 (I O3) (A = K, Rb, Cs): a facile route to new polar materials with large SHG responses Cs (Mo O3 (I O3)) PNA
2002 Wang, X.-Q.; Liu, L.-M.; Jacobson, A.J.; Open-framework and microporous vanadium silicates Rb2 ((V O) (Si4 O10)) (H2 O)2.88 R3-
2002 Wang, X.-Q.; Liu, L.-M.; Jacobson, A.J.; Open-framework and microporous vanadium silicates Na2 ((V O) (Si4 O10)) (H2 O)3.15 IMM
2002 Bobev, S.; Sevov, S.C.; Naked Clusters of 56 Tin Atoms in the Solid State Ba16 Na204 Sn322.38 F4-
2000 Huang, F.Q.; Brazis, P.; Kannewurf, C.R.; Ibers, J.A.; Syntheses, structures, physical properties, and theoretical study of La Cu0.4 Te2, Nd Cu0.37 Te2, Sm Cu0.34 Te2, Gd Cu0.33 Te2 and Dy Cu0.32 Te2 Cu0.33 Gd Te2 PBC
1999 Cussen, E.J.; Vente, J.F.; Battle, P.D.; Neutron diffraction study of Ba6 Mn4 M O15 (M = Cu, Zn): long-range magnetic order in pseudo-1D materials Ba6 (Mn4 Zn O15) R32
1999 Alonso, J.A.; Martinez-Lopez, M.J.; Casais, M.T.; Aranda, M.A.G.; Fernandez-Diaz, M.T.; Metal-insulator transitions, structural and microstructural evolution of R Ni O3 (R = Sm, Eu, Gd, Dy, Ho, Y) perovskites: evidence for room-temperature charge disproportionation in monoclinic Ho No O3 and Y Ni O3 Sm (Ni O3) PBN
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