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2000 Schofield, P.F.; Wilson, C.C.; Knight, K.S.; Stretton, I.C.; Temperature related structural variation of the hydrous components in gypsum Ca (S O4) (H2 O)2 C12/C1 Gypsum
1998 Llorente, S.; Goubard, F.; Gredin, P.; Bizot, D.; Chassaing, J.; Quarton, M.; Synthesis and crystal structure of Cu(II) Mo(IV) F6 and Cr(II) Nb(IV) F6 (LT form) Cu (Sn F6) P1-
1996 Graudejus, O.; Mueller, B.G.; Zur Kenntnis von Ni Pt F6 und Cd Pt F6 Ni (Pt F6) R3-H
1995 Beck, H.P.; Kuehn, F.; Studies on A B X6 compounds. II. The Ba Th Br6 structure type Ba Th Br6 PMMA
1994 Chevrier, G.; An anomaly in the hydrogen-bond system in mixed deuterated magnesium-iron fluosilicates (Mg0.83 Fe0.17) (Si F6) (D2 O)6 R3-H
1991 Schroetter, F.; Mueller, B.G.; Zur Kristallstruktur ternaerer Cu(II)-Fluoride Cu M(IV) F6 (M(IV) = Sn, Pb, Ti, Mn, Pd) Cu (Sn F6) P1-
1988 Chattopadhyay, T.K.; Devreux, F.; Peters, K.; Gmelin, E.; Ghosh, B.; Crystal structure and phase transitions in Mn Ti F6 * 6 H2 O and Zn Ti F6 * 6 H2 O Mn (Ti F6) (H2 O)6 R3-H
1983 Mueller, B.G.; Hoppe, R.; Einkristalle von Ba (Ni F6) Ba (Ni F6) R3-MH
1975 Wilhelm, V.; Hoppe, R.; Zur Kenntnis neuer Hexafluoroplatinate(IV) Co Pt F6 R3-H
1974 Wilhelm, V.; Hoppe, R.; Ueber neue Hexafluororhodate(IV): A(I) Rh(IV) F6 Zn (Rh F6) R3-H
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