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2002 Miyazaki, Y.; Onoda, M.; Oku, T.; Kikuchi, M.; Ishii, Y.; Ono, Y.; Morii, Y.; Kajitani, T.; Modulated structure of the thermoelectric compound (Ca2 Co O3)0.62 Co O2 Co O2 C1M1
2002 Dinnebier, R.E.; Ibberson, R.M.; Ehrenberg, H.; Jansen, M.; The crystal structure of the binary mixed valence compound Bi(III)3Bi(IV) O7 and isotopic Bi3 Sb O7 as determined by high resolution x-ray and neutron powder diffraction Bi4 O7 P1-
2002 Kuriki, A.; Moritomo, Y.; Ohishi, Y.; Kato, K.; Nishibori, E.; Takata, M.; Sakata, M.; Hamada, N.; Todo, S.; Mori, N.; Shimomura, O.; Nakamura, A.; High-pressure structural analysis of Fe3 O4 Fe3 O4 FD3-MS Magnetite
2002 Rozenberg, G.Kh.; Dubrovinskii, L.S.; Pasternak, M.P.; Naaman, O.; Le Bihan, T.; Ahuja, R.; High-pressure structural studies of hematite Fe2 O3 Fe2 O3 R3-CH Hematite
2002 Lyons, D.M.; Morris, M.A.; Synthesis and characterization of a novel perovskite-like phase of thallium oxide Tl2 O3 FM3-M
2001 Henry, P.F.; Weller, M.T.; Wilson, C.C.; Structural investigation of TS-1: determination of the true nonrandom titanium framework substitution and silicon vacancy distribution from powder neutron diffraction studies using isotopes Si0.9717 O2 PNMA Zeolite TS-1
2001 Kirfel, A.; Krane, H.-G.; Blaha, P.; Schwarz, K.; Lippmann, T.; Electron density distribution in stishovite, Si O2: a new high-energy synchrotron-radiation study Si O2 P42/MNM Stishovite
2001 Toebbens, D.M.; Stuesser, N.; Knorr, K.; Mayer, H.M.; Lampert, G.; E9: The new high-resolution neutron powder diffractometer at the Berlin neutron scattering center Al2 O3 R3-CH Corundum
2000 Baster, M.; Bouree, F.; Kowalska, A.; Latacz, Z.; The change of crystal and exchange parameters in the vicinity of TN in Cr2 O3 Cr2 O3 R3-CH
2000 Grey, I.E.; Cranswick, L.M.D.; Li, C.; White, T.J.; Bursill, L.A.; New M3 O5 - anatase intergrowth structures formed during low-temperature oxidation of anosovite Ti6 O11 C12/M1
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