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2004 Gulay, L.D.; Harbrecht, B.; The crystal structure of eta1-Al3 Cu4 Al35.472 Cu47.792 FMM
2004 Delgado, G.E.; Quintero, E.; Tovar, R.; Quintero, M.; X-ray powder diffraction study of the semiconducting alloy Cu2 Cd0.5 Mn0.5 Ge Se4 Cu2 (Cd0.52 Mn0.48) (Ge Se4) PMN
2004 Fedyna, L.O.; Bodak, O.I.; Tokaychuk, Ya.O.; Fedyna, M.F.; Mokra, I.R.; Ternary system Tm - Cu- Ge: isothermal section of the phase diagram at 870 K and crystal structures of the compounds Tm (Cu1.24 Ge0.76) P63
2003 Gulay, L.D.; Harbrecht, B.; The crystal structure of zeta-Al3 Cu (4-delta) Al9 Cu11.5 IMM
2002 Aitken, J.A.; Evain, M.; Iordanidis, L.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Na Ce P2 Se6, Cu0.4 Ce1.2 P2 Se6, Ce4 (P2 Se6)3, and the incommensurately modulated Ag Ce P2 Se6: new selenophosphates featuring the ethane-like (P2 Se6)(4-) anion (Cu0.4 Ce0.2) Ce (P2 Se6) P12
2002 Kaiser, V.; Babel, D.; Ueber Cs2 Zn Cu3 F10 und die Kristallstruktur von Cs7 Cu6 F19 Cs7 Cu6 F19 P12
2002 Milman, V.; Klockmannite, Cu Se: structure, properties and phase stability from ab initio modelling Cu Se P63 Klockmannite
2002 Will, G.; Hinze, E.; Abdel, Rahman.A.M.; Crystal structure analysis and refinement of digenite, Cu1.8 S, in the temperature range 20 to 500 C under controlled sulfur partial pressure Cu1.8 S FM3 Digenite high
2002 Topa, D.; Makovicky, E.; Balic-Zunic, T.; The structural role of excess Cu and Pb in gladite and krupkaite based on new refinements of their structure Cu1.95 Pb1.95 Bi6.05 S12 PMC Krupkaite
2001 Huang, F.Q.; Ibers, J.A.; Syntheses, structures and physical properties of the new quaternaryrare-earth chalcogenides Rb Nd2 Cu S4, Rb Sm2 Cu S4, Cs La2 Cu Se4, Cs Sm2 Cu Se4, Rb Er2 Cu3 S5, Cs Gd2 Ag3 Se5, Cs Tb2 Ag3 Se5 and Rb2 Gd4 Cu4 S9 Rb2 Gd4 Cu4 S9 C12
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