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2003 Reckeweg, O.; Simon, A.; Azide und Cyanamide - aehnlich und doch anders Sr (N3)2 FDDDZ
2003 Zheng Chong; Mattausch, H.-J.; Oeckler, O.; Nuss, J.; Simon, A.; La4 Br2 Al5 and Ce4 Br2 Ga5: three-dimensional metal networks embedded in condensed Ln6 trigonal prisms La4.15 Br2 Ga4.69 CMMM
2001 Kienle, L.; Simon, A.; Microdomains and diffuse scattering in K2 In12 Se19 K2 In12 Se19 R3-H
2001 Ospina, I.D.; Palacio, L.A.; Echavarria, A.; Simon, A.; Saldarriaga, C.; A zinc chromate of type PhiY: synthesis and structure ((N H4) (O H))1.46 (Zn (Cr O4))2 R3-MH
1996 Gibson, B.; Poettgen, R.; Kremer, R.K.; Simon, A.; Ziebeck, K.R.A.; Ternary germanides Ln Ag Ge (Ln = Y, Sm, Gd - Lu) with ordered Fe2 P - type structure Gd Ag Ge P6-2M
1996 Simon, A.; Steinbrenner, U.; Subnitrides with the new cluster Ba14 Ca N6 Na17 Ba14 Ca N6 P1-
1996 Soehnel, T.; Reichelt, W.; Oppermann, H.; Mattausch, H.-J.; Simon, A.; Zum System Zn/Mo/O. I Phasenbestand und Eigenschaften der ternaeren Zinkmolybdate; Struktur von Zn3 Mo2 O9 Zn3 (Mo2 O9) P121/M1
1995 Zubkov, V.G.; Tyutyunnik, A.P.; Perelyaev, V.A.; Shveikin, G.P.; Koehler, J.; Kremer, R.K.; Simon, A.; Svensson, G.; Synthesis and structural, magnetic and electrical characterisation of the reduced oxoniobates Ba Nb8 O14, Eu Nb8 O14, Eux Nb O3 (x=0.7,1.0) Eu Nb8 O14 PBAM
1994 Stroem, C.; Eriksson, S.-G.; Johansson, L.-G.; Simon, A.; Mattausch, H.-J.; Kremer, R.K.; The effect of thallium and oxygen stoichiometry on structure and Tc in Tl-2201 and Tl-2212 Tl1.996 Ba2 Cu O5.56 ABMA
1993 Ruck, M.; Simon, A.; Gd2IFe2 und Y2Br2Fe2+x: Uebergaenge zwischen Clusterverbindungen und intermetallischen Phasen Y2 Fe2.23 Br2 R3-MH
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