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TitleCrystal structure of heavy metal orthovanadates.
AuthorsMilligan, W.O.; Vernon, L.W.
ReferenceIC&volume=56&fpage=145&details=yes target=icsd_help>Journal of Physical Chemistry (1952) 56, 145-148
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Also: Phase Transition (1992) 38, 127-220
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CompoundO4 Tb1 V1 - [Wakefieldite (Tb)] Terbium vanadate [ABX4] [tI24] [h b a] [ZrSiO4]
Cell7.15, 7.15, 6.31, 90., 90., 90.
I41/AMDS (141) V=322.58
RemarksM =Wakefieldite (Tb) : P =17-340 : =ZrSiO4 : X
No R value given in the paper.
At least one temperature factor missing in the paper.
Stable above 33 K (2nd ref., Tomaszewski), below Fddd
PDF 17-340

Atom (site) Oxid. x, y, z, B, Occupancy

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