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TitleA M2 X2-Verbindungen mit Ca Al2 Si2-Struktur. XI: Struktur und Eigenschaften der Verbindungen A Cd2 X2 (A: Eu, Yb; X: P, As Sb).
AuthorsArtmann, A.;Mewis, A.;Roepke, M.;Michels, G.
ReferenceZeitschrift fuer Anorganische und Allgem (1996) 622, 679-682
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CompoundCd2 Sb2 Yb1 - Ytterbium(II) dicadmium antimonide [AB2X2] [hP5] [d2 a] []
Cell4.650(1), 4.650(1), 7.565(2), 90., 90., 120.
P3-M1 (164) V=141.66
RemarksR=0.035000 :
The coordinates are those given in the paper but the atomic distances do not agree with those calculated during testing.The coordinates are probably correct.
Cell of Yb Cd2 As2: 4.388, 7.149

Atom (site) Oxid. x, y, z, B, Occupancy

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