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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
1980 Bedlivy, D.; Mereiter, K.; The Structures of Potassium Lead Triiodide Dihydrate and Ammonium Lead Triiodide Dihydrate K Pb I3 (H2 O)2 PNMA
1980 del Bucchia, S.; Jumas, J.C.; Maurin, M.; Etude du systeme Sn S - Ba S: Structure de Ba Sn2 S3 Ba Sn2 S3 P121/M1
1980 Henke, H.; Hydrate der Hexachloroantimon(V)saeure. Kristallstruktur des Trihydrats H Sb Cl6 (H2 O)3 mit dem Kation (H14 O6)(2+) H Sb Cl6 (H2 O)3 P121/C1
1980 Khitrova, V.I.; Klechkovskaya, V.V.; Phase formation and atomic structure of hexagonal tantalum oxide - delta Ta0.703 O1.65 P6/MMM
1980 Rebbah, A.; Yazbeck, J.; Deschanvres, A.; Structure de Cd3 As Cl3 et Donnees Cristallographiques de Cd3 P Cl3 Cd3 As Cl3 PNMA
1980 Stoever, H.D.; Hoppe, R.; Ueber Oxoantimonate(III) und Oxobismutate(III) Zur Kenntnis n von Na3 Sb O3 und Na3 Bi O3 Na3 Sb O3 I4-3M
1980 Kim, Y.; Seff, K.; Crystal structure of hydrated partially zinc(II)- exchanged zeolite A, Zn5 Na2-A Zn5 Na2 Si12 Al12 O48 (H2 O)24 PM3-M Zeolite A
1980 Kemmler-Sack, S.; Treiber, U.; Strukturbestimmung an Ba9 Nb6 W O27 - der ersten Stapelvariante eines rhomboedrischen 27 L-Typs Ba9 Nb6 W O27 R3-MH
1980 Mattausch, H.-J.; Simon, A.; Holzer, N.; Eger, R.; Monohalogenide der Lanthanoide Tb Br R3-MH
1980 Foss, O.; Janickis, V.; Crystal structure of gamma-monoclinic Selenium Se8 P121/C1
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