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2004 Melnyk, G.; Kandpal, H.C.; Gulay, L.D.; Tremel, W.; Crystal structures of R2 Pd2 Pb (R = Y, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd, Tb,Dy, Ho, Er, Tm and Lu) compounds Pr2 Pd2 Pb P4/MBM
2004 Song, G.B.; Liang, J.K.; Yang, L.T.; Liu, Q.L.; Liu, G.Y.; Yang, H.F.; Rao, G.H.; Subsolidus phase relation and crystal structure of the Pr Ba2-x Srx Cu3 O7+d system Pr (Ba1.8 Sr0.2) (Cu3 O6.77) PMMM
2003 Mitchell, K.; Huang, F.Q.; McFarland, A.D.; Haynes, C.L.; Somers, R.C.; Van Duyne, R.P.; Ibers, J.A.; The Cs Ln M Se3 semiconductors (Ln = rare-earth element, Y; M = Zn, Cd, Hg) Cs (Nd Hg Se3) CMCM
2003 Song, G.B.; Liang, J.K.; Yang, L.T.; Chen, J.R.; Liu, G.Y.; Yang, H.F.; Rao, G.H.; Subsolidus phase relation and crystal structure in the Pr1+x-y Ba2-x-z Cay+z Cu3 O7+d system (Pr0.9 Ca0.1) (Ba1.9 Pr0.1) (Cu3 O7.128) PMMM
2002 Belovitskaya, Yu.V.; Pekov, I.V.; Gobechiya, E.R.; Kabalov, Yu.K.; Schneider, J.; Determination of the crystal structure of khanneshite by the Rietveld method (Na2.75 Ca0.23) (Sr0.63 Ba1.08 Ce0.82 Ca0.46) (C O3)5 P63MC Khanneshite
2002 Rayaprol, S.; Mavani, K.; Rana, D.S.; Thaker, C.M.; Thampi, R.S.; Kuberkar, D.G.; Kulkarni, R.G.; Malik, S.K.; Structural investigations of La-2125 mixed oxide superconducting system (La0.786 Nd0.071 Ca0.143) (Ba1.428 La0.571) Cu3 O7.241 P4/MMM
2001 Kodenkandath, T.A.; Kumbhar, A.S.; Zhou, W.L.; Wiley, J.B.; Construction of copper halide networks within layered perovskites. Synthesis and characterization of new low-temperature copper oxyhalides (Cu Cl) La Ta2 O7 P4/MMM
2000 Loureiro, S.M.; Felser, C.; Huang, Q.; Cava, R.J.; Refinement of the crystal structures of strontium cobalt oxychlorides by neutron powder diffraction Sr4 (Co3 O7.5 Cl2) I4/MMM
2000 Schmidt, M.; Oppermann, H.; Hennig, C.; Henn, R.W.; Gmelin, E.; Soeger, N.; Binnewies, M.; Untersuchungen zu Bismutseltenerdoxidhalogeniden der Zusammensetzung Bi2 SE O4 X (X=Cl,Br,I) Bi2 Gd O4 Br P4/MMM
2000 Johrendt, D.; Tampier, M.; Strontium-selenogermanate(III) and barium-selenogermanate(II,IV): crystal structures and chemical bonding Sr2 (Ge2 Se5) P121/N1
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