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1995 Hawthorne, F.C.; Oberti, R.; Cannillo, E.; Sardone, N.; Zanetti, A.; Grice, J.D.; Ashley, P.M.; A new anhydrous amphibole from the Hoskins mine, Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia: description and crystal structure of ungaretiite, Na Na2 (Mn(2+)2 Mn(3+)3) Si8 O22 O2 (Na0.80 K0.15) (Na1.97 Ca0.03) (Mn0.93 Mg0.07) (Mn1.78 Mg0.22) Mn2 (Si8 O22) O2 H.2 C12/M1 Ungarettiite
1993 Effenberger, H.; Tillmanns, E.; The crystal structure of K2 (Cu (Te O4 (O H)2)) . H2 O K2 (Cu (Te O4 (O H)2)) (H2 O) C12/C1
1992 Yeh, C.; Lu, Z.W.; Froyen, S.; Zunger, A.; Zinc-blende-Wurtzite polytypism in semiconductors C P63MC Lonsdaleite
1991 Oberti, R.; Smith, D.C.; Rossi, G.; Caucia, F.; The crystal chemistry of high-aluminium titanites Ca.984 (Ti.661 Al.322 Fe.014) (Si O4) (O.620 (O H).207 F.173) A12/A1 Titanite, aluminous
1986 Jacobs, H.; Peters, D.; Hassiepen, K.M.; Caesiumamidometallate des Gadoliniums, Ytterbiums und Yttriums mit perowskitverwandten Atomanordnungen Cs3 M2 (N H2)9 Cs3 Gd2 (N H2)9 P63/MMC
1981 Moore, P.B.; Araki, T.; Merlino, S.; Mellini, M.; Zanazzi, P.F.; The Arrojadite -Dickinsonite series, K Na4 Ca (Fe, Mn)14 Al (O H)2 (P O4)12: crystal structure and crystal chemistry K Na5 Ca (Fe8.5 Mn4.5) Al F (O H) (P O4)12 A12/A1 Arrojadite
1980 Liminga, R.; Abrahams, S.C.; Bernstein, J.L.; Piezoelectric Cs2 S2 O6. Room temperature crystal structure Cs2 S2 O6 P63MC
1980 Stoever, H.D.; Hoppe, R.; Ueber Oxoantimonate(III) und Oxobismutate(III) Zur Kenntnis n von Na3 Sb O3 und Na3 Bi O3 Na3 Sb O3 I4-3M
1980 Hanscom, R.H.; The structure of triclinic Chloritoid and Chloritoid polymorphism Fe1.77 Mg0.15 Al3.84 Fe0.16 Si2 O10 (O H)4 C1- Chloritoid 2A
1978 Ohashi, Y.; Finger, L.W.; The role of octahedral cations in pyroxenoid crystal chemistry. I. Bustamite, wollastonite, and the pectolite-schizolite-serandite series Ca0.36 Mn0.64 Si O3 I1- Bustamite, manganoan
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