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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2003 Renaudin, G.; Yvon, K.; Dolukhanyan, S.K.; Aghajanyan, N.N.; Shekhtman, V.Sh.; Crystal structures and thermal properties of titanium carbo-deuterides as prepared by combustion synthesis Ti D2 FM3-M
2000 Grigor'eva, N.B.; Maksimov, B.A.; Sobolev, B.P.; X-ray structural study of Ca0.88 Gd0.12 F2.12 with modified fluorite structure (Ca0.88 Gd0.12) F2.12 FM3-M
1996 Zhurova, E.A.; Maximov, B.A.; Simonov, V.I.; Sobolev, B.P.; Structural studies of Ca F2 (at 296 K) and Ca1-x Prx F2+x , x=0.1 (at 296 and 170 K) crystals. The changes in the fluorite anionic motif in the partial substitution of Ca(2+) by Pr(3+) cations (Ca0.9 Pr0.1) F2.1 FM3-M
1992 Bonneau, P.R.; Jarvis, R.F.jr.; Kaner, R.B.; Solid-state metathesis as a quick route to transition- metal mixed dichalcogenides Na4 S Se FM3-M
1988 Stadnyk, Yu.V.; Mikhailiv, L.A.; Kuprina, V.V.; Skolozdra, R.V.; Properties and crystal structure of M Ir S compounds (M= Zi, Zr, Hf) Ir Sn Ti FM3-M
1971 Atoji, M.; Neutron structure analysis of cubic Ca C2 and K C N Ca C2 FM3-M
1970 Bayer, G.; Stabilization of Cubic Zr O2 by Mn O and Partial Substitution of Ti, Nb or Ta for Zr Mg.33 Zr.5 Ti.33 O1.75 FM3-M
1966 Keller, C.; Die Chemie des Protoactiniums La.5 Pd.5 O2 FM3-M
1966 Whitfield, H.J.; Roman, D.; Palmer, A.R.; X-ray study of the system Th O2 - Ce O2 - Ce2 O3 Th.8 Ce.2 O2 FM3-M Thorianite, cerian
1964 Straumanis, M.E.; Chopra, K.S.; Lattice parameters, expansion coefficients and extent of the Al2 Au phase Al2 Au FM3-M
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