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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2004 Cordier, S.; Naumov, N.G.; Salloum, D.; Paul, F.; Perrin, C.; Synthesis and characterization of Mo6 chalcobromides and cyano-substituted compounds built from a novel ((Mo6 Br(i)6 Y(i)2) L(a)6)(n-) discrete cluster unit (Y(i) = S or Se and L(a) = Br or (C N)) Cs0.4 K0.6 ((C2 H5)4 N)11 ((Mo6 Br5.81 S2.19) (C N)6)3 (H2 O)15.46 PM3-M
2004 Velden, A.; Jansen, M.; Zur Kenntnis der inversen Perowskite M3 T O (M = Ca, Sr, Yb; T = Si, Ge, Sn, Pb) Yb3 Pb O PM3-M
2003 Levin, I.; Amos, T.G.; Bell, S.M.; Farber, L.; Vanderah, T.A.; Roth, R.S.; Toby, B.H.; Phase equilibria, crystal structures and dielectric anomaly in the (Ba Zr O3) - (Ca Zr O3) system Ba (Zr O3) PM3-M
2003 Kirchner, M.; Schnelle, W.; Wagner, F.R.; Niewa, R.; Preparation, crystal structure and physical properties of ternary compounds (R3 N) In, R = rare-earth metal (Tm3 N) In PM3-M
2002 Li, G.; Uesu, Y.; Kohn, K.; Structural characterization of the complex perovskites Ba(1-x) La(x) Ti(1-x) Cr(x) O3 (Ba0.965 La0.035) (Ti0.965 Cr0.035) O3 PM3-M
2002 Auffermann, G.; Bronger, W.; Cs3 Re D10, Synthese und Kristallstruktur Cs3 Re D10 PM3-M
2000 Cherepanov, V.A.; Filonova, E.A.; Voronin, V.I.; Berger, I.F.; Phase equilibria in the (La Co O3) - (La Mn O3) -(Ba Co Oz) (Ba Mn O3) system (La0.7 Ba0.3) (Co0.6 Mn0.4) O3 PM3-M
1998 Karen, P.; Kjekshus, A.; Huang, Q.; Lynn, J.W.; Rosov, N.; Sora, I.N.; Karen, V.L.; Mighell, A.D.; Santaro, A.; Neutron and x-ray powder diffraction study of R Ba2 Fe3 O(8+w) phases (La Ba2 Fe3 O8.533)0.3333 PM3-M
1996 Mineshige, A.; Inaba, M.; Yao, T.; Ogumi, Z.; Kikuchi, K.; Kawase, M.; Crystal structure amd metal-insulator transition of La1-x Srx Co O3 (La0.45 Sr0.55) Co O3 PM3-M
1995 Zhao, J.-T.; Dong, Z.-C.; Vaughey, J.T.; Ostenson, J.E.; Corbett, J.D.; Synthesis, structures and properties of cubic R3 In and R3 In Z phases (R=Y,La; Z=B, C, N, O). The effect of interstitial Z on the superconductivity of La3 In Y3 In C PM3-M
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