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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2004 McLaughlin, A.C.; Attfield, J.P.; Liu, R.S.; Jang, L.-Y.; Zhou, W.Z.; Studies of microstructure and ruthenium valence in the ruthenocuprates Pb2 Ru Sr2 Cu2 O8 Cl and (Ru, M) Sr2 Gd Cu2 O8 (M =Sn, Nb) Pb2 Sr2 Cl (Ru Cu2 O8) P4/MBM
2003 Parthe, E.; Hu, S.-Z.; Ca Fe O2 Cl and Ca2 Fe O3 Cl with higher space group symmetry, a reevaluation Ca Fe O2 Cl C12/M1
2000 Fleet, M.E.; Liu, X.-Y.; Pan, Y.-M.; Rare-earth elements in chlorapatite (Ca10 (P O4)6 Cl2): uptake, site preference, and degradation of monoclinic structure (Ca9.576 Na0.212 Dy0.212) (P O4)6 (O H)2 P1121/B Hydroxylapatite
2000 Ritter, C.; Ibarra, M.R.; Morellon, L.; Blasco, J.; Garcia, J.; de Teresa, J.M.; Structural and magnetic properties of double perovskites A A' Fe Mo O6 (AA' = Ba2, BaSr, Sr2, Ca) Sr2 Fe0.97 Mo0.94 O5.81 P42/M
2000 Howard, C.J.; Kennedy, B.J.; Chakoumakos, B.C.; Neutron powder diffraction study of rhombohedral rare-earth aluminates and the rhombohedral to cubic phase transition La (Al O3) R3-CH
1997 Parisi, F.; Bonadeo, H.; Application of the high-symmetry superspace-group description to the refinement of the lock-in structure of Rb2 Zn Cl4 Rb2 (Zn Cl4) PMCN
1991 Tarasov, V.P.; Kirakosyan, G.A.; German, K.E.; Grigor'ev, M.S.; Anomal temperature dependence of KKC 99Tc and caesium ions disorder in CsTcO4 lattice Cs Tc O4 PNMA
1990 Benchrifa, R.; de Pape, R.; Isotypism of the triclinic Tl8Mo10O34 and (NH4)8Mo10O34 molybdates Tl8 Mo10 O34 P1-
1987 Grey, I.E.; Madsen, I.C.; Harris, D.C.; Barian tomichite, Ba.5 (As2).5 Ti2 (V Fe)5 O13 (O H), its crystal structure and relationship to derbylite and tomichite V3 Fe (As Ti3 O13) (O H) P121/M1 Tomichite
1983 Herbstein, F.H.; Marsh, R.E.; Some additional changes in space groups of published crystal structures Rb Ga7 R3-MR
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