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Year Authors Title Struct. Formula sgr Mineral
2004 Jauch, W.; Reehuis, M.; Schultz, A.J.; Gamma-ray and neutron diffraction studies of Co F2: magnetostriction, electron density and magnetic moments Co F2 P42/MNM
2003 Zhuravleva, M.A.; Pcionek, R.J.; Wang, X.-P.; Schultz, A.J.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; RE M Ga3 Ge and RE3 Ni3 Ga8 Ge3 (M= Ni, Co; RE= rare earth element): new intermetallics synthesized in liquid gallium. X-ray, electron and neutron structure determination and magnetism Y Co Ga3 Ge I4/MMM
2003 Troyanov, S.I.; Kosterina, E.V.; Loose, A.; Reehuis, M.; Kemnitz, E.; Single crystal neutron diffraction study of the phase transition in (N H4) H5 (P O4)2 (N H4) (H2 P O4) (H3 P O4) P121/C1
2003 Groat, L.A.; Chakoumakos, B.C.; Brouwer, D.H.; Hoffman, C.M.; Fyfe, C.A.; Morell, H.; Schultz, A.J.; The amblygonite (Li Al P O4 F) - montebrasite (Li Al P O4 (O H)) solid solution: a combined powder and single-crystal neutron diffraction and solid-state (6)Li MAS, CP MAS and REDOR NMR study Li Al (P O4) ((O H)0.96 F0.04) C1- Montebrasite
2003 Tregenna-Piggott, P.L.W.; Andres, H.-P.; McIntyre, G.J.; Best, S.P.; Wilson, C.C.; Cowan, J.A.; Aqua ions. 2. Structural manifestations of the Jahn-Teller effect in the beta-alums Cs Ti (S O4)2 (D2 O)12 PA3-
2000 Schultz, A.J.; Figgis, B.N.; Sobolev, A.N.; Na2 Fe (C N)5 (N O) x 2(D2 O) at 11 and 293 K by X-ray, and at 15 K by neutron diffraction Na2 (Fe (C N)5 (N O)) (D2 O)2 PNNM
2000 Schofield, P.F.; Wilson, C.C.; Knight, K.S.; Stretton, I.C.; Temperature related structural variation of the hydrous components in gypsum Ca (S O4) (H2 O)2 C12/C1 Gypsum
1999 Vanderah, T.A.; Wong-Ng, W.; Toby, B.H.; Browning, V.M.; Shull, R.D.; Geyer, R.G.; Roth, R.S.; Characterization of ternary compounds in the Ba O:Fe2 O3 :TiO2 system: Ba6 Fe45 Ti17 O106 and Ba Fe11 Ti3 O23 Ba6 Fe43.7 Ti18.3 O106 C12/M1
1999 Chakoumakos, B.C.; Sales, B.C.; Mandrus, D.; Keppens, V.; Disparate atomic displacements in skutterudite-type La Fe3 Co Sb12, a model for thermoelectric behavior Co1.26 Fe2.74 La0.743 Sb12 IM3-
1999 Ptasiewicz-Bak, H.; Olovsson, I.; McIntyre, G.J.; Charge density in Ni Cl2 x 4(H2 O) at 295 and 30K (Ni (H2 O)4) Cl2 P121/N1
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