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2002 Munoz-Rojas, D.; Fraxedas, J.; Oro, J.; Gomez-Romero, P.; Casan-Pastor, N.; Structural study of electrochemically-synthesized Ag2 Cu2 O4. A novel oxide sensitive to irradiation Ag2 Cu2 O4 C12/M1
1999 Kandyel, E.; Adachi, S.; Wu, X.-J.; Tajima, S.; Structural and superconducting properties of (Hg0.7 Bi0.3) Sr2 Can-1 Cun Ox (n=3,4) superconductors synthesized under high pressure (Hg0.7 Bi0.3) Sr2 (Ca0.87 Sr0.13)2 Cu3 O8.91 P4/MMM
1998 Jansen, J.; Tang, D.; Zandbergen, H.W.; Schenk, H.; MSLS, a least-squares procedure for accurate crystal structure refinement from dynamical electron diffraction patterns Th Pd0.84 B4.2 PM3-
1998 Carlsson, A.; Oku, T.; Bovin, J.O.; Wallenberg, R.; Malm, J.-O.; Schmid, G.; Kubicki, T.; The first structure determination of nanosized colloidal particles of Pd3 P by high-resolution electron microscopy Pd3 P PNMA
1993 Vincent, R.; Exelby, D.R.; Structure of a metastable Al-Ge phase determined from large angle CBED patterns (Al0.9 Ge0.1) I4/MCM
1991 Williams, T.; Schmalle, H.W.; Reller, A.; Lichtenberg, F.; Widmer, D.; Bednorz, J.G.; On the crystal structures of La2 Ti2 O7 and La5 Ti5 O17: high-resolution electron microscopy La5 Ti5 O17 P1C1
1990 Rouillon, T.; Groult, D.; Hervieu, M.; Michel, C.; Raveau, B.; Pb2Sr2LnCeCu3O10+delta, a new member of the layeredcuprates family, built up from double fluorite-type layers Pb2 Sr2 (Nd Ce) Cu3 O10.2 FMMM
1985 Guan, R.; Hashimoto, H.; Kuo, K.H.; Electron-microscopic study of the structure of metastable oxides formed in the initial stage of copper oxidation. III. Cu64 O Cu64 O BMM2
1980 Khitrova, V.I.; Klechkovskaya, V.V.; Phase formation and atomic structure of hexagonal tantalum oxide - delta Ta0.703 O1.65 P6/MMM
1973 Nagakura, S.; Otsuka, N.; Hirotsu, Y.; Electron state of Ni4 N studied by electron diffraction Ni4 N PM3-M
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